Because It's The Cup

Ducks and Blackhawks are the main contenders

Let's talk about goalies.

Both teams have exceptional goalies. The Blackhawks have Ray Emery and Corey Crawford while the Ducks have Jonas Hiller and Viktor Fasth. Emery and Corey both boast a 1.94 GAA while Fasth has a 2.18 and Hiller has a 2.36. As is, the Blackhawks have an advantage over the Ducks. Emery (right) was 17-1 in the regular season.

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Blackhawks season stats.

The Blackhawks had a total of 149 goals on the season. Which is a lot by anyone's standards. They had a record of 36-7-5. Which is quite unbelievable. They began the season with the second longest point streak in history. Also, they are home to some of the best players in the league. Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews.

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Ducks Statistics.

The Ducks ended the regular season with a record of 30-12-6. Which isn't as prestigous as the Blackhawks' but it's still quite respectable. They had a total of 134 goals on the season which is close behind the Hawks.

Direct comparison.

With the Blackhawks topping just about everything the Ducks throw at them, you'd expect the Blackhawks to demolish the Ducks. Well, that may not be the case. The Ducks battled the Hawks twice in the season and came out on top both times. The Hawks have a better record, better goalies, and two of the best players in the league. But you can't predict everything.
Patrick Kane as Superman 2012 NHL All Star Game