An Online Space to Create and Share Notes

Getting Started

Go to No account creation is needed. When you arrive at the site, name your board and off you go!
The name of the above board is SJHS1 so the internet address is This makes for easy student access. Share the address with your class in order to collaborate together.

The plus sign along the right hand side will add columns that can be titled. The plus sign along the bottom left adds notes to the board. These notes can then be moved to a particular column.

Things to Remember

When you create a board, you will see a place in the lower right side of the page under the board that says "unknown" you. Click there to type in your name. The students will also have the same option. I would encourage them to put in their name as well. You will then have a list of all students that participated.

Also, keep in mind that anyone can delete, edit, and move a note. You many want to come up with some scrumblr rules before starting the activity.

Closing Thoughts

This tool works best on a computer for creation and manipulation. On the ipad, the view is terrific - real time - but notes cannot be added. The ipad user can only view and delete. This may work well in the situation of a controlled discussion where students need to have a closer look at placement of ideas in order to agree/disagree.

Students might have an assignment where they have to make a Scrumblr board to categorize a particular topic. The address of the scrumblr could be shared with the teacher or a "snapshot" could be sent.

On this same line of thought, once a class discussion is completed, a picture could be posted in Edmodo, Google Docs, or the like for future reference. Since the link remains active, a look back at a previous discussion is possible with editing options.

Super easy and fast!