Hoover is to Blame

by Brendan Durham

Hoover's "Reassurance"

Hoover tried to reassure the public but obviously, nothing was getting better. In fact situations got worse. People were struggling with getting laid-off, taking pay cuts, and not being able to put food on the table. Many people were too prideful to take handouts. Farmers were trying to get rid of some of the crops so demand was higher and the prices would raise. Hoover started the Federal Farm Board. He bought crops from the farmers to keep them off of the market so the prices would go up. This still didn't help hardly any, though.

Too scared to help

Hoover was much too cautious in helping fix problems. People were out there starving without a job and a home and he still believed that they shouldn't get free handouts. He didn't really do anything for those who were struggling besides the Federal Farm Board that I talked about and it didn't do to much anyways. He thought that it was the job of charities to help the people that were in need. He was just too ignorant to identify the severity of the situation.

Hoover's dislike of vast Federal Bureaucracy

Hoover didn't like big government. He thought that they should stay out of the way and not help. He thought there should be local governments. He once again was wrong. The government had to intervene and help those in need since Hoover wouldn't. Hoover just did everything the same way every day not worrying about the crisis happening in America. He just got on with his daily activities. The government actually tried to help by giving handouts like the charities did. So while the government was out helping the needy citizens, hoover was sitting and drinking some tea while listening to the radio.

Hoover's lack of intervention

Herbert thought that people should not get free handouts. He didn't help them a lick. His lack of help caused people to go hungry, lose their jobs, lose their homes, and even their lives. Hoover should have helped people. He should have given them food, money, or both. If he would've provided the help that was needed, then he might have been reelected for president.