Ms. Kilar's Class

Friday, June 5, 2015

Reminders for next Week

Tuesday is the Shay Tri. Please check with your kiddo what he/she will need for the Tri. If you have any questions about the Tri or would like to volunteer please contact Ms. Fischer.

Wednesday we are going swimming at the pool. Your child will need a towel and a swimsuit and a bag.

Whitefish Point and Tahquamenon Falls

Despite the bugs and the rain, we had a great day in the Upper Peninsula! As usual, your kiddos were fantastic. We learned a lot about the shipwrecks on Lake Superior, especially the Edmund Fitzgerald. We also learned about the Lifesaving Stations on the Great Lakes. The falls and the bears were great too! A huge thanks to all our parent chaperones, Mrs. Piper, Mrs. Horricks, Mrs. Mogford, Mr. Keiser, Mr. Drayer, Mrs. Puzio, Mrs. Kloss, Mrs. Blancato and Mrs. Hass. Thank you all for your help and time!
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Reading and Writing

We were busy this week! For reading and writing we wrapped up our read-aloud book, "Bud, Not Buddy." For writing students wrote about their plans for the summer. Finally, the wrote what they loved about 4th grade for the upcoming students.


This has been a tough week in math class for a couple of reasons. Students took a very challenging end-of-the-year GO MATH assessment, and we spent our very last math class together. I have truly loved working with these three groups of students this year. You have some great kids! Thank you for all of the math support and encouragement you have provided at home throughout the school year. Please don't forget to fit some math into your summer fun!


This week in science we learned about electrical safety with a demonstration from Great Lakes Energy. We also learned about how seismic waves can travel through earth and produce earthquakes and tsunamis. Students worked in partners to write and video a mock newscast about an earthquake that included facts they had learned this week. I have also enjoyed each fourth grade class this year in science, they have brought a lot of excitement and their love of learning to each class making this year extra rewarding. Thank you for sharing them!

Social Studies

This week in social studies students finished their projects for the Harbor Springs Historical Society. The projects will be on display during Shay days at the Historical Society July 17-18. We also did a little reading to learn about the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum. Finally, we wrapped up the week with an auction to use up all those hard earned Michibucks! I've had a great year with all your children in social studies! Thank you!
Odawa - Wyatt, Brady, Bode
History of Harbor Springs - Megan, Taylore, Sierra


We also had a great time fishing! Thank you to Mr. Miller, Mr. Mogford, Mr. Lasley, Mr. Page, Mr. Drayer and Mr. McDonald for helping out with our fishing trip today!

Upcoming Week

  • June 8- Gear-Up Day - Students meet next year's teacher
  • June 9 - Shay Triatholone - if you have any questions about the Tri please contact Ms. Fischer
  • June 10 - Swimming at the pool and then ice cream -LAST DAY!!