The City Risen from the Ashes of Greece

Visit the Most Powerful Place in the Mediterranean!

As the Greek empire was falling in the West a group of people came along calling themselves the Romans. In very little time they had a small settlement created that was called Rome. Rome began to draw the attention of many people. Over time the Romans grew their civilization into a small empire and since then it has only grown in power. Today Rome is a mighty civilization that has conquered most of the Mediterranean and continues to grow in power every day.
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The Marvelous Geography of Rome

Rome is a city that is nestled perfectly between the Alps and Italy's Southern-tip. Rome was built on seven rolling hills at a curve on the Tibet river. This magnificent city is near the center of the Italian peninsula; the perfect place for such a beautiful and powerful empire.

Many Prosperous Cities

The Romans went along creating more and more cities along Southern Italy and Sicily. These cities became very commercially active and are all fascinating travel destinations. These cities brought Rome and all of Italy closer in contact with the Greek civilizations.

Roman Leaders are the best leaders

The first King of Rome was Etruscan who ruled around 600 B.C. Tarquin The Proud was the last King of Rome because he was a powerful tyrant who tried to control everyone so after he died the citizens of Rome decided that never again would a King rule their city. So the leader of Rome is now decided by the people with voting rights. (Free-born male citizens)

Even More Government and Some Military Action

The Republic in Rome was believed to have taken the best aspects of a Monarchy and a Democracy and developed a perfect government. The officials called consuls commanded the army and directed the government but they had limited power. There was also a senate that could control other aspects of the government. In a time of crisis the republic could appoint a dictator to take control of the city. The Romans also place a great value on their military. Any citizen who owned land was required to serve in the army. Roman soldiers were organized into large military units called legions. The Roman legion was made up of around 5,000 heavily armed foot soldiers and a group of soldiers on horseback.
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These are all many of the reasons why you should visit Rome today!