life on the goldfields

by luke

the types of mining on the gold fields

alluvial and shaft mining was vey useful on the goldfields.

alluvial: if you alluvail mine the gold sinks and gets caught on the wood. in the mogo areas these narrowed waterways were where the alluvial gold was found by the miners.

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shaft mining is digging downwards. shaft mining uses a bucket to collect the stuff, windlass is for hand powered winding device for hauling ore up a shaft. another is a cradle a cradle is used for when the bucket go's down the shaft and gets dirt then they put it on the cradle to make all the dirt go throw something and the gold stays on top and a pickaxe to mine the shaft to get it starting going down underground.
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chinese on the gold fields

when the Chinese where on the gold fields there were lots of racism. the Chinese grow plants to eat on the gold fields. the chinese would need to pay 10 pounds for a protection fee for the right to mine in the colony. when the chinese came to the goldfields they stayed in large groups. some chinese stayed at the goldfields some left to see there family.