Week 3- Let's Do This!

August 31-September 4


We are getting the hang of this remote learning thing, and I hope things are getting easier to navigate on your end. If not, please let me know, and we can work together to figure out how to help. If you are in Google Classroom as a parent, you should have received an email Friday evening. If you didn't, have your student log on to our Google Classroom. At the top of the "Classwork" page, there is a video to show you how to find grades and missing work..

I still have a few Chromebook cases in my room. If you don't have one, come by the school any day this week and pick one up. Just come to the office and we will bring it to you.

We will be using whiteboards again this week. If you need one, just let me know. I'll be glad to put one in the office with your students name on it for you to pick up.

Most of my students are making it to our Zoom meetings and that's great!. Due to copyright laws, I can't record Zooms where I do read alouds. For that reason, attending the live Zooms will be even more beneficial than just watching the recorded meetings. The discussions and lessons that follow live read alouds just won't make as much sense without hearing the story. If missing the live Zoom is necessary, you can often find book read alouds on YouTube. I urge you to make sure you watch with your student.

Webcam Safety Course

On Monday, we will work through the Webcam Safety Course provided by Wilkes County Schools. We will work on this during our second Zoom time. After the students watch the slides, they should take the quiz. Parents are responsible for completing and turning in the Webcam Consent form. All links below.

Webcam Course:


Webcam Quiz:


Webcam Consent Form:

Webcam Family Consent form

I Can...

This week we will be working on the following I Can statements.


RL. 3.3

I can identify the motivation behind a character’s action.



I can use arrays to help me understand multiplication equations.

Our Daily Schedule

Below you will find a general daily schedule to follow. I will explain assignments in the Zoom meetings. Also, most assignments will be explained in Google Classroom.
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Talk to me!

I am happy to help navigate technology issues or help with assignments. You can use the button to the right to email me directly, or you can message me on Class Dojo. Remind your student to email me whenever they have a question.

Office Hours:

Daily 1:15-3:00

Personal Phone: 919.360.5297

Parent Email: stoneh@wilkes.k12.nc.us