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State Trainings and Information

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Best Security and Confidentiality Training Video Ever!

Seriously, if everyone would just follow this advice...
Don't Be An Idiot Dwight Schrute The Office

Campus Coordinator Training and Information

We spend an entire day going through most of the DTC training slides that TEA provides to us. This PPT was on the flash drive that DTCs received from Leesa at our training.

I used this Google Slide presentation with a few links as an agenda to keep us on track for the day.

My campus coordinator's favorite tool is THE BIG LIST Smore that we keep updated links on. This is kind of like a big, giant checklist - - every test coordinator's love language.

Administrator and Principal Security and Confidentiality Training

I like to present using Smore so that I can email it out, see who opens the email, and put links in for easier access.

For our Admin & Principal Team, I used this Smore (CLICK FOR LINK).

I am a linker... at the bottom of the Smore I used for this presentation, there is a link to the rest of the security training which was created in Prezi. Here is a direct link to the Prezi part of the training.

Support Staff Training

Central Receiving Training

This is a Google Slides presentation for Shipping and Reciving Security Training 2017.

Maintenence, School Resource Officer and Custodial Training

We want every member of our district team to understand the importance and implications of state assessment. During this training, we provide a testing calendar, go through this Security Training presentation, and answer any questions that this group might have.

Technology Training

Our technology staff is always way ahead of this Technology training, but we go through this together anyway!

Staar Alt 2 Training