Will You Be the Next President?

keep reading if you think you are fit to lead our country!

1. Constitutional Requirements of President

-Must be a natural born citizen of United States

-Must be 35 years old

-Must be a 14 year resident of the United States

-Cannot be elected more than twice

-Cannot have held office of President for more than two years prior

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2. Salary, Benefits, and Perks

Salary- $400,000

Benefits and Perks-

-Free transportation in presidential limousine, Air Force One, and Marine One

-After retirement, $200,000 government pension is given for health care, travel, and an office

-Free housing in White House

-Executive chef for luxurious meals

-Secret Service Security

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3. Constitutional Powers Granted to President

Executive Powers

-Convene sessions of Congress

-Receive foreign ambassadors

-Wield Executive Power

-Appoint ambassadors, judges, officials

Diplomatic Powers

-Serve as a commander in chief of all U.S forces

-Commander in chief of armed forces

-Make Treaties

Judicial/Legislative Powers

-Grant pardons and reprieves from Federal offenses

-Execute all laws necessary and proper

-Appoint officials to lesser officials

Commander in Chief is the most important power of president, because with this power the president can decide when to send the army into war and he can control the usage of guns to protect our country.

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4. Leadership qualities and skills necessary

-Consensus building: it's important to have this skill in order to find common ground with the country and build support, not just acceptance, of an issue. This is important in both running for reelection as well as passing bills.

-Encourage dynamic conflict resolution: This is a tremendous skill that allows you to see both sides of a conflict and not be biased in decisions. In order to do what's best for the country, you must listen to the constituents and hear their opinions on a problem.

-Facilitate high stakes: You must be able to make it easy for us to understand what you're doing in the government. Don't hold secrets, be transparent with your actions and include the people. This is important for trust from our country.

-Clear communication: Do not try to pull others to your side, instead try to unite everyone. Rise above and become somebody that both parties can support. This builds support and equality within our nation.

-Aptitude to manage change: You will face many problems and issues. You must be able to manage issues with a clear head and do what is best for the country. This ability is important so that our nation stands strong and doesn't crumble in times of panic.

"Why is leadership development important?" - Lee Ellis

5. Six roles of president

1. Party leader- Represent your party and and help members of party get elected or appointed to office.

Ex: a democratic president helps campaign for another democratic in the next election

2. Commander-In-Chief- Gives orders to all leaders of the armed forces of the U.S

Ex: a president tells leaders of air force to send troops to Iraq

3. Chief Executive- administers laws and affairs of the nation, carries out the laws

Ex: A president passes a bill for new healthcare.

4. Chief of State- Represents the United States at public events professionally

Ex: a president goes to a national convention in Russia to speak with others about goals of the nations as a whole and speaks about U.S. accomplishments

5. Chief Diplomat- Interacting with leaders of other nations and conversing with them

Ex: a president flies to London to talk to the queen. Later, an African leader comes to U.S to speak with him. Foreign relations between the two help both nations.

6. Chief Legislator- Voice opinions and thoughts on issues to Congress and has speeches and meetings to discuss policies

Ex: a president holds a meeting about where the tax dollars should be distributed and how the people want them to be

-I believe that

Completed worksheet: https://docs.google.com/a/plsas.org/document/d/1eoAhJzuwzlp_pm4clSEwpMEdth7woaO0cmmbsjGLN4g/edit?usp=sharing

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6. Taking Action on Gun Control

Gun control is a serious issue in the United States right now. Out of the top 12 deadliest shootings that have ever occurred in the U.S, 6 of them have happened the past eight years. Shootings are increasing exponentially and it needs to be prevented somehow. People are dying and we are doing nothing to stop it. Gun measures are not very safe, requiring little amount of background checks and no mental health screening.

In order to prevent these tragic events from happening, there must be actions incorporated into the process of becoming a gun holder. Mental health screening would prevent 61% of mass shootings, according to CNN. If people with known mental health issues were denied the right to own a gun, we could prevent many of these issues.

https://library.stanford.edu/projects/mass-shootings-america This is a project from Stanford that represents the amount of mass shootings that have occurred in 2015 alone.

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Constitutional Powers that can solve this issue

The presidential power of chief executive is an incredible answer to this problem. Through working with congress, a president can voice opinions and have influence over the bills that Congress creates and passes. If the president can get the majority of people to support the issue of gun control and encourage mental health screening and more thorough background checks, this problem can be reduced.

The skill of clear communication will allow helpful conversations between the president and his constituents to come to a resolution on the issue. Hearing the opinions of others and making their voices known will allow everyone to put trust in our country and begin working towards our main goal- a safe country.

The power to execute all laws necessary and proper is an enormous responsibility given to the president- and it can pay off. If it becomes necessary to enact laws about more screening and harder security on gun usage and gun ownership, this problem can find its solution and we can prevent thousands of deaths each year.