The Skeletal System

by:Daisy McKenzie



  • The skull protects the brain and shapes the form of our face.the skull is made up of twenty two bones.
  • Hyoid and auditory ossicles are a small u shaped bone that forma bony connection to the tongue muscles.
  • Vertebrae form the vertebrae column.There are five regions in the vertebrae they are listed below
  1. Cervical (neck)- seven vertebrae
  2. Thoratic (chest)-twelve vertebrae
  3. Lubar (lower back)-five vertebrae
  4. Sacrum -one vertebrae
  5. Coccyx (tail bone)-one vertebrae
  • Ribs and stuernum-They both have to do with ribs.The ribs protect many organ .The sternum connects the ribs together.

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Major Functions

The skeletal system preforms vital functions like support, movement, protection, blood cell, production, calcium storage, and endocrine regulation.These things enable us to survive.

Problems associated with skeletal system

  • Osteomalacia is a bone disease common with elder.
  • Arthritis is a group of more than 100 diseases that damage joints.
  • scoliosis is a spine disease that causes your spine to curve wrongly.

How my system works with other systems

The skeletal system works with the muscular system. The muscles connect to our skeleton and move the skeleton along.