Math Stations

Week of February 16-19

Station 1: Ms. J

We are going over the packet from last week about fractions. Bring it and a pencil with you!

Station 2: TenMarks with Ms. Hartmann

Continue the lessons that are assigned to you, even work on some that are past due if you have not finished!

Review Quizizz

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Station 4: IXL M27

Work on IXL M27. This is word problems multiplying mixed numbers and fractions! Remember to change to an improper fraction!

Station 5: NF6 Task Cards- In Google Classroom

I am passing out the worksheet to put your answers on. These task cards can be found in Google Classroom in your MATH class!

Station 6: Moby Max Math

Take this time to work on Moby Max Math the ENTIRE time! This does NOT count toward your homework!

Grades Taken this Week

  • IXL M27
  • NF6 Task Cards
  • Review Quizizz

Early Finishers

  • Unfinished Work
  • Prodigy! I have it set up so that you are practicing our current skills. :)