The Kindling

By: Jennifer Armstrong

Theme #1: You have to work together in order to be successful.

Through out the book there were many examples showing how working together will pay off in the end. Especially in these tough times where they are all children and rely on each other to keep one another alive for one more day. The antagonist of the book is the plague and that is one of the many things they are fighting. "Fire-Us" is some sort of infection or disease of some sort that only the adults would get. There are 7 kids working together to find a way to abolish this disaster before they turn into adults and die a quick almost painful death. They say that the second you turn into an adult you get a feeling inside, almost as if you are burning from the inside out, and you die basically right away.

Theme #2: Never give up

This means that you need to keep trying your hardest until you reach your goal, in this case the "family's" goal was to get to Washington D.C. because they believed they could find a cure. Before they could get there they lost control of their boat and ended up on the beach somewhere. But they all worked together to make that place a safe place to stay for everyone. The ending of the book sucked so there isn't much left to say.

How my 2 themes relate

If your'e working together for something with someone else you can't just give up. That would lead to failure and the other person would be mad at you for not doing your part, wether that be working on a project in school or surviving a mass plague together. This family of kids never gave up and always worked their hardest to keep each other on their feet and that's how they made it in the end. This shows that hard work pays off.