Life throughout the 1950's

The American Dream

  • Businesses expanded rapidly and they needed to produce more due to the fact of more consumption by citizens.
  • Many women started to work full time and they became a major factor in the work force.
  • People had 40 hour weeks, working 8 hours a day.
  • They were also given 7 weeks of vacation on average.
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The Other America

  • The Termination Policy was put into place.
  • It was much against the Native Americans.
  • That policy stated that the government would no longer economically support and it also discontinued the reservation system.
  • The government was trying to provide a decent home and suitable living environment by installing the Urban Renewal.
  • Although in 1962, 1 out of 4 Americans were living below the poverty level.
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Radio Advertising On the Rise

During this time period, radio advertising had rose by 35% and made up a lot of the advertising throughout the country. Everyone could here this type of advertising because unlike nowadays, everyone had a radio and that was their way of communicating. If the government needed to tell the country things, it would be through the radio. As the demand of radio advertising went up, so did the number of radio stations in the United States. The number of radio stations increased by 30%.
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