Blue Suits for Men

blue suit

Blue Suits – Perfect for Your Wedding Day

While the bride’s attire hogs the limelight on the day of the wedding, that doesn’t mean that people will let the groom pass under the radar. Keen eyes will be noting the fit of your blue suit and whether it seems new or not. Hence, for grooms looking to get dressed in the first blue suit they see – think again. Just because most of the attention will be focused on the bride, does not mean that you can afford to take it easy. Besides, it is a good opportunity to dress up in a blue suit that complements with the bride’s outfit, instead of competing with it.

While traditionalists tend to favour a black suit for grooms on their wedding day, the fact remains that in some cultures, a black suit is more apposite for wearing to funerals. Besides, while it does look classic and formal, it does bring to the fore the qualities of stiffness and unimaginativeness too. Hence, leaving the black coloured suit for other formal occasions can be the best choice to make. If there is any colour after black that has a fair degree of versatility and can easily blend in with the bride’s attire, it is a blue suit.

The best fabric for making blue Men’s suits is barathea (as it absorbs light and produces a smooth and understated finish). A blue suit made of a combination of wool and silk or a blend of wool and mohair will provide a more reflective finish. For a tailored men’s blue suit, worsted wool is flat, smooth, holds creases and shapes better.

The colour blue is used for denoting qualities like depth, stability, trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, faith, truth and intelligence. Why wouldn’t any sensible groom want to showcase himself in the very colours that he would want people to associate him with?