A Survival Minecraft Server


A small, fun, minecraft survival server. If your in the mood for Minecraft Survival this is the place. Hosted by HollyHedge67 and Owned by Butterblender, this minecraft survival server is one of a kind.


We hand picked are staff very wisely. Our staff is Hoster-HollyHedge67, Owner-Butterblender, Co-Owner-Covey335, HeadAdmin-Morg, HeadAdmin-PigProtector and some more, theses staff are very Cooperative and Nice.

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Outside of spawn

The out of spawn is a Huge vast land Of Huge Mountains and Waterfalls

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The Jackal

The Jackal is to be respected and loved

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Spawn is a Glowstone and StoneBrick Fort, Through Out Spawn you can find shops to buy materials and things you need to Survive!

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Romis 2

Romis 2 is a sequel of Romis the first, Romis the first was one the first world we had but a player Ruend that world, so we decided to make a second romis. You can buy houses in this town, If you would like to purchase one contact Covey335, if im not on then leave me a message.