A Peek at the Week

3rd Grade Norton Elementary

Week 3 September 6, 2016


This week is a continuation of our unit over place value. We will continue practicing the value of each digit in a number. We will begin comparing and ordering numbers up to 100,000. Knowing multiplication facts is a HUGE part of third grade (which I will discuss more at Curriculum Night). It's never to early to start so...please make sure your child is practicing multiplication facts through 10x10. They must be memorized. There are many good and fun computer games and apps.

A few websites for practice at home are:





Multiplication for Kids

Addition & Multiplication Number Bubbles

Timed Test Arcade

Language Arts

In reading we are learning about and practicing strategies that good readers use to improve their comprehension.

In writing we will continue to fill our notebooks with lots of ideas to begin the process of writing a personal narrative. Be reminding your child about all the events they've experienced in their short lives, so they can add those events to their notebooks.

In word work, we are continuing to focus on most frequently misspelled words. Why are these words difficult to spell, and how can we help ourselves be better spellers? The words for their portable word walls this week are: does, every, school, and give.

Social Studies

In Social Studies we are talking about the traits of a good citizen and the ways that civic and nonprofit groups improve the community.


This week the students will be learning about matter. The students will be measuring , testing, and recording physical properties of matter, including temperature, mass, magnetism, and the ability to sink or float.

Growth Mindset

This week students are learning how important their words are in changing their mindset. We will be talking about training our brains for working hard, by changing the words we use. For example, instead of saying, "This is hard, I can't do it," we want to say, "This is hard, I will get it with a little more practice." We hope that you will be supporting our changes in growth mindset with your children as well. With home and school working together, our students will achieve amazing things!

Notes of Interest

Curriculum night: Thursday, Sept. 8. 4:30-5:15 OR 5:20-6:05

Picture Day - September 27

Knights of the Week

Names will be in next week's newsletter.