Who will be our next president?

By Olga Hengen

Out constitution laws to become president

First, you must be thirty-five years of age or older.

Second, you must have been a "Resident" of the United States for fourteen years. Then as now, inhabitant meant being a legal domiciliary, but resident could mean either a domiciliary or a physical presence. Perhaps the Framers desired a person as President who had actually been present in the United States for the required period and had developed an attachment to and understanding of the country, rather than one who was legally an inhabitant, but who may have lived abroad for most of his life.

The third qualification to be President is that one must be a "natural born Citizen" (or a citizen at the time of the adoption of the Constitution). Although any citizen may become a Member of Congress so long as he has held citizenship for the requisite time period, to be President, one must be "a natural born Citizen."

If you answered yes to all 3 then you might as well run for out next president.

Benefits, salary, and perks to becoming the next president

Payment is $400,000 a year. Who wouldn't love getting paid that much.

Live at the White House.

Get driving around in a limo what is bullet proof.

Get to ride around in a helicopter.

Be protected 24/7 by your own personal body guards.

Hire your choice of staff.

Other expenses include:

  • General account ($50000)
  • Official expenses of the White House office
  • Entertainment expenses
  • Separate entertainment expenses for official presidential functions
  • Traveling expenses for the president and anyone traveling with him (above and beyond the free limo, helicopter, and airlines rides)

As if all of this other money wasn't enough, the President's pension is quite hefty. The annual pension is equal to the yearly salary of a cabinet member (currently over $150000).

For every administration, a presidential library is built to honor the former president and is used as the official storage facility of all the president's official documents by the United States National Archives and Records Administrations.

12 Titles of become a President

1. Be commander in chief of the Army and Navy when called into service.

2. Require the opinion of the principal officer in each executive department.

3. Have power to grand reprieves and pardons.

4. Make treaties.

5. Nominate and appoint ambassadors, judges of the Supreme Court and all other officers of the United States.

6. Fill up all vacancies during the recess of the Senate.

7. Give to Congress information of the state of the union.

8. Recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient.

9. On extraordinary occasions convene both Houses, or either of them.

10. Receive ambassadors and other public ministers.

11. Take care that the laws be faithfully executed.

12. Commission all the officers of the United States.

7 Roles as a President

1. Chief of State

  • Awarding medals to the winners of college scholarships
  • Congratulating astronauts on their journey into space
  • Greeting visitors to the White House
  • Making a patriotic speech on the Fourth of July

2. Chief Executive

  • Appointing someone to serve as head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
  • Holding a Cabinet meeting to discuss government business
  • Reading reports about problems of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

3. Chief Diplomat

  • Traveling to London to meet with British leaders
  • Entertaining Japanese diplomats in the White House
  • Writing a message or a letter to the leaders of the Soviet Union

4. Commander-In-Chief

  • Inspecting a Navy yard
  • Deciding, in wartime, whether to bomb foreign cities
  • Calling out troops to stop a riot

5. Chief Legislator

  • Inviting members of Congress to lunch in the White House
  • Signing a bill of Congress
  • Making a speech in Congress

6. Chief of Party

  • Choosing leading party members to serve in the Cabinet
  • Traveling to California to speak at a rally for a party nominee to the U.S. Senate

7. Chief Guardian of the Economy

  • Meeting with economic advisers to discuss ways to reduce unemployment
  • Meeting with business and labor leaders to discuss their needs and problems

Qualities for becoming a president

-understanding the public

-ability to communicate

-sense of timing

-openness of new ideas

-ability to compromise

-political courage

Current issues

One of the current issues that this country needs help in solving is the amount of terrorism around the world. We are constantly threatened by other nations. We aren't feeling safe any longer with the refugees that are escaping and coming here.

News on TV.

I would use my role as try to make treaties and have a peaceful conversation. I would try to understand their situation and try to communicate with them. I would listen to their ideas and see what i can do to help them and come up with a compromise.

Leadership traits

4)encourage dynamic conflict resolution. You must look at all the conflicts and try to get he. All resolved to make a balanced world.

6) Be abale to communicate a clear and inspiring vision to his administration and the country. You must be willing to deliver a clear speech on you vision for this country in the long run. One must have a balance in government.

7) The aptitude to handle and manage the affects of constant, complex change and innovation. You must be able to manage the constant change toward success. You must be capable of building coalition of change, the case for change, and a vision for how to make America must change. Must give a personal reason for the good of the change.

9) Trust between the government and the people. You followers want to know that they can trust you. If you tell them something then they are waiting to see if u actually follow through with it.

13) Be one of a kind, amazing level 5 leader. We need a leader to bring us togather as a whole again. We need someone who suprises us with his work.

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