About Me

Heather Hutchison


My hobbies are like any normal teenager, sleeping, watching tv, hanging out with friends, and eating A LOT.

Family info

My parents are divorced. My older sister is a senior and she's 18 years old. Mom just finished school a year ago and is now a medical assistant. My step-dad is a truck driver. And my dad, he has like the most boring job ever, he work in a car part ware house.

What i want to do when i grow up

I've always loved being around babies and little kids. so I would like to either, own a daycare, be a kindergarden teacher, or be an RN in the nusery at hospitals. I haven't decided yet.

what I did this summer

Well, this summer I went to youth camp, which was amazing. I spent almost every night at my best friend, Rachel's house. But whatever night I wasn't at her house, my other best friend, Aubrey was at mine. And I got an awesome tan, but then I went to band camp, and it got screwed up.

Athletics and activities

I am in way too much stuff, well thats what my parents say. I'm in women's choir and color guard for the school. I'm in dance, tumbling, and i take voice lessons at In The Light. I'm also on the drama team, and I sing on the worship team for my youth group.