"Run Boy, Run"


A boy and his mother are on a ghetto, but they sneak through a hole in the wall into the other side and start pillaging through dumpsters. When the boy is in the dumpster he hears a sound, he says in there for fear of it being German soldiers. Then when he looks out of the dumpster he can seem to find his mother.

Rising Action

While he is look for his mother the boy runs into a few kids playing soccer and joins them. Later he finds out they are actually a gang who steal smokes, liquor, and food to survive. Then there is a round up of everyone and the gang tries to make it into Poland were it is safe but most of them get caught trying. Then after the boy makes it he winds up joining another gang. This gang lives in the woods so they got caught by a logger who told the German soldiers. After that he goes from farm to farm trying to find a home.


Once the boy found a home a few months went by then German soldiers found him, and as the boy was hiding he ran into his father and then his father sacrificed himself so that the boy could get away. But then he gets caught and sent to a camp were he then escapes.


The boy grows up in an orphanage, and moves to Jerusalem.

Informative Connecting

I choose WW1 because I want to know why being a Jew was illegal. This is related to the story because the main character is a Jew. According to Lucas Santafort during WW1 it was an Aristocracy which forced the people of the nation to be the same religion as the leader.