Academic Watch Parent Meeting

Partnering with Parents for Improved Student Success

3/11 @ 5:15 pm or 3/13 @ 7:30 am



Overview of Grading Policy

Overview of School Based Interventions

  • Classroom interventions
  • Tutoring
  • Small group/individual meeting on Fridays
  • Workshops
  • Open counseling lab - AM & PM
  • Online credit recovery
  • Administration support groups
Review Parent Checklist


Parent Discussion

  • What is working?
  • What other ways can we help you support your student?
  • General questions?
  • Barriers to participating?
Exit Slip

Thank you for your participation!

Brooks Counseling Department

Mission: Provide a comprehensive counseling program that promotes the academic, career, and personal/social development to ensure each student to learns at high levels.