Fatalamanga 23

Cultural Association, Alberobello, ITALY

About Us

In 2016 Cultural Association Fatalamanga celebrates it's 10 years of existence ;-) During those 10 years we have created and organized numerous Theater and Music shows nationwide as well as organized workshops for children and adults. In 2012 we have focused on doing workshops for GRUNDTVIG and ERASMUS+. So far we have hosted people from Germany, Spain, Greece, Poland, Latvia, Malta, Romania, Netherlands, Hungary, Portugal,etc . On this page you can find links to workshops that we currently offer. Both are very suitable for Teachers and will get you into some territories that are not explored anywhere else. We are very proud about the outcome and the positive effect on those who participated. Among our ex participants were those who previously attended similar courses, what they are saying is that our workshops are very unique and very different from those they attended previously. Their recommendations means a lot to us and will hopefully keep us running for a long time. Come to Fatalamanga for a unique experience.

What others say about us

"The hosts of Fatalamanga, an actress Giulia Colucci and a musician Zoran Bale Bulatovic are really exceptional. As a matter of fact the same can be said about all the people collaborating with them. We must admit that both the form and the character of this training session was a little surprise Not only was it far away from so well known, modernly equipped multimedia room, but also it was far away from outlining any dos and don'ts. The mere topic “Katarsis, Theater and Nature” at first sight may seem not to have much in common with the teacher”s work but this may be only an illusion..."
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Our Current Courses

* The main objective of this course is to awake creative-artistic forces in teachers and make them inseparable part of their teaching methodology *

* Since the first edition of this workshop in May of 2012, we have received many requests to repeat it. The requests mainly came from people who’s friends have attended it.
Enough said, here it is again :-) *

How can you apply for Erasmus+ funds ?

You can apply for the courses under the framework of staff mobility projects, KA1, Erasmus+ programme. Go HERE to find a link to your National Agency, they will assist you in applying for the funds

See the Show Reel with some of our Theater Shows

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