Southern Sudan needs you!

The help of the native land

Southern Sudan has children who need your help!

Southern Sudan has children who don't have clean water, not enough food, no roads to walk on when the road gets muddy, have parents who are involves in war, and most don't get an education.

Want more information?

If you want more information, email Look at my website If you would like to make a check, make it out to Duk Payuel School Project.
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Most asked question.

Most people ask why I do this. They say that I am only in 6th grade (thats when I started the southern Sudan project) and that one person really isn't going to make a difference. They ask why don't I spend my time doing other things; like playing outside or hanging out with friends. I always say back: because I can and will make a difference. Why would I waste my time doing things like playing outside or hanging out with friends when I could be saving people lives and changing someones life for the better! And yes, I may only be one person, but don't all changes start from one person?