Renewable Energy

Hayden Peek, Cesar, Paz, Melissa Wark 3A

Renewable Energy Issues

Nonrenewable sources have degraded the environment since energy deposits of nonrenewable energy have been discovered. Nonrenewable energy effectively supplies billions of people around the world with energy; however, it strictly restricts the prevention of destruction of the environment. Renewable sources such as wind, sun, and water, are all examples of creating a more sustainable earth for the future.

Powering the Planet

Powering the Planet is a documentary that showcases and assesses the success and efficiency of several clean energy projects taking place across the world, and asks the U.S. to make an initiative to create more sustainable energy.

  • Solar farms in Spain and Morocco

  • Sustainable biofuel in Brazil

  • Wind farms in Texas and Denmark

  • Sustainable energy technology in China

We Need a Federal Renewable Portfolio

In order to actually achieve the goal of increased renewable energy, as a country we must create a Federal Portfolio that identifies what needs to happen. Without a portfolio we can not successfully increase the usage and creation of renewable energy at a rate that is acceptable for our environment's needs. States that have RPS's have seen monumental growth in clean energy usage.

A Texas City Transforms to Renewable Energy

An unlikely Republican-led, oil-driven Texas city can convert to 100% renewable energy before many other cities have. This city has transferred to renewable energy to benefit the community and the citizens within it; however, this motion has been able to spark other safe energy revolutions

Efficient Transition

In order to realize our goals we must effectively transition to renewable energy and how the conversion can be effective. With the factual evidence provided by the source, it is obvious there is only one solution which is clean energy. The transition to clean and renewable energy can be much more efficient than people think and the source backs up that claim with factual evidence. With the demand for energy going up and the amount of natural gases and coal going down the only way for places to produce energy is through renewable resources.


An entire country needs to be completely involved in the transformation from nonrenewable energy to renewable energy from the governmental level to life on a daily basis. Many countries such as Brazil and China have begun to implement different ways of saving the environment. For example, Brazil produces an environmentally clean sugar gasoline, and China traps the carbon gases and sells them to soda companies to put into carbonated beverages. The transition is becoming evident with the amount of money being invested into clean energy in both Brazil and China. With both wind and solar power developing the cost and efficiency of energy is making good progress. With the entire country involved in the purification of the environment, renewable energy can become more plausible.