Baseball Trip

Physical Science in Baseball

When I went to Busch Stadium, there was physical science everywhere. It was in the pitchers depending on what kind of pitch they threw. It was also in the batters, if they swung really hard and make good contact, the ball will most likely travel further and faster. It was also in the ball and the wind. If the ball was hit in the air, the ball would have spin and make it move. The wind would also move the ball a lot more.

Two Homeruns!

During my visit to St. Louis, the center-fielder for the Cardinals, Randal Grichuk was up to bat with people on base. It was early in the game so the game was close. When the pitcher threw the ball, Randal Grichuk swung really hard and off of the crack of the bat, everybody stood up because it was a really deep hit. Everyone there was screaming because they knew that the score was going to change in about five seconds. Later in the game when the Cardinals were up by a lot, Randal Grichuk was up again, he hammered the pitch and that one also went over the fence, the place was roaring.

About Me

I really like to play baseball, it is my favorite thing to do. Another thing that I like to do is to travel, I like to travel to see new things. I am a good student and I aim for straight A's.