The Coon Island

The Bestoon!

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Location Of The Coon Island

Coon Island is in Asia, East of Vietnam and in the South of Hainan island. The region is in the tropic of cancer, which is a very hot and tropical place.

Climate Of The Coon Island

This island has pretty hot overall temperature of 35C(daytime) and 20C(nighttime).

Mainly, it has monsoons in summer, and has dry climate in the rest of the time.

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Geography Of The Coon Island

The island is consist of palm trees and overall grassland. The area is made somewhat rocky. There is a lake in the middle of the mountain range with jungle surrounding it. This lake is called the Ra lake. In the eastern side of the island, there is series of tall mountains(5,046ft(1538m)-1,830ft(557m) called ‘Ra’. While there is a huge forest of palm trees in southern part of the island. While rest of the island is grassland.
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Population, Cities and States

Overall population


Overall population of the states


The cities are generally small, 2000 at most. The cities are not connected properly as well since the cities/towns are all too spread out. These roads that connects the cites are mainly dirt roads not clean asphalt road that you ride on most of your life. Interactions between these cities are rare as well. Since these cites are not interacting, some cites are rich and some are poor.

Now, these are some major cities:

Raccoon(1,200, capital)



The 10 states have 1340~670 people each, only capital state has about 1,900 people in the capital.

These are the states:











Natural Resources

Our island is consist of both agricultural resources, minerals, rice, bananas, coconuts, mangoes, fish, tobacco, timber boards, cattles, timber, iron, copper, silver, gold, zinc, chilies, and potatoes

Main Exports, Imports, and Industries

Most of the resources are consumed by the population and the industry, but some of the resources are exported to USA. The exports are mainly tobacco, canned food, silver, gold, copper, and few rare fish. The imports are mainly steel made objects(cans, nails, etc.), oil, vegetables, electronics, and batteries from Vietnam and China. The main industry in this island are forestry ,boards and cannery. The island has 4 mines that have resources that we export. The supply of our resources that we export is low, which results in the demand being high.

Social Structure

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Job Variety

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Economical System Of Coon Island

Money does not exist in Coon Is., they are in the form of coonpons. It is used whenever eating, drinking,transportation ,or to entertain(which is literally all in the headquarter). It is given after each days work. Roonists give this out in each headquarters, in 5P.M.(Roonists hires some people to distribute it as well.) Depending on how much work they do, the amount and value of coonpons vary. People can trade or share these in the headquarters too.

Political System of the Coon Island

This coonist republic is a type of government where there is each Roonists(candidate) representing each 10 states, the role of the Roonists are controlling population of each state to be equal as possible, maintain order and justice, and distribute food to them for their quality of work they did. In May 16th, the Roonists all gather in the government building to discuss all the laws and general status of a state.
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The belief of the island is the Coonism which is monotheism. As the racoon god, the Ra, is believed to be protecting the island from treachery and war. Generally, there are small bronze statues of Ra in every housing thinking that the statue has part of the Ra’s spirit. Bronze statue has the description of the life of Ra. Ra looks like a raccoon that has six human hands holding six shields. Ra created peace through the victory against the devil. They praise the god at every end of conversation, “To the great Ra.”. In May 6th, there is a celebration of the Ra where people have feasts consisting of fish and this is the only time where you can surf in ocean. The people dries a lot of fishes for this single day. In December 20th, people will celebrate the death of Ra, praying for the god for whole daytime without any food or water. At the nighttime, people eats raccoons and milk together only in Dec. 20th.


The diet that most people are consist of, is beef, potatoes, bananas and coconuts(water) every single day. The amount may vary through the appetite. These are some traditional food, Tuloon(Raw beef with chili sauce; coconuts are used as decorations), Reyoon(a type of smoked fish), and Weula(a type of steamed potatoes and bananas that are basically every day food). They tend to eat 6 am, 1 pm,and 9 pm. After work(7 pm), they goes back to home or stay in headquarters to watch tv, balling, or maybe play cards. *Oceans are forbidden to be used except in May 6th. There is a language that is very similar to English but it is instead called Coonish.