Me Myself and My Diet

By: Bailey Haney

Does my diet meet my needs?

No I do not think that my diet meets my needs because I either eat too much or I don't eat enough of the right things. Some reasons for this is because I don't get home from practice until late and I'm really hungry, so I just eat a little bit more and its not always the good things that I need like fruits and vegetables. I feel like I need more vegetables in my diet to give me more energy and help my body grow in the right ways.

Claim #1 More Vegetables.

I think that I need more vegetables in my diet because I feel that I don't get enough vegetables in my diet. I need to consume more cucumbers, carrots and celery to help me with my diet. These vegetables help with eyesight, strong bones and teeth, and helps with my metabolism. By consuming these vegetable, I will have more vitamin A, vitamin B-12 and vitamin D.

Claim #2 less food

I think that I need to not eat as much junk food and more healthy food. This will help my body have less fat and be healthier. I am going to achieve this by bringing/eating healthier more filling foods for snacks before practice and after practice. I am also going to make it a point to drink more water to help fill me up.

Claim #3 Drink more water

I am going to try to put more water in my diet because I don't think that I drink enough. I am going to bring a bottle of water with me places so I have some to drink, I am also going to bring a bottle to practice so I can have that instead of only getting some on breaks. This will help me be not as hungry after practice and help me be more hydrated.


Overall, I need to fix a lot in my diet, but I know why and how to do it. I am going ot eat healthier, less food and more water so I will be healthier.