Gifford Pinchot

Governor and Chief of the U.S. State Forest's (1865-1946)

Who is he?

He was part of a wealthy family that made a great living from lumbering and land speculation. Even though this profession made them a great deal of money, later on down the road Pinchot's father regretted the damage his family's work had done to the land. Later on he began management and helped developed the national forest. Which had a huge impact on the public and he began to influence their opinion on the national forest. He gained a lot of respect from his followers and then was later elected to be the Governor of Pennsylvania in 1922.

Our organization

The organization that we took part in was call rake up Colorado and is sponsored by volunteers of america. This event is something that happens every year on numerous days. Each day is an all day event. The goal was for us to assist the elderly and/or the disabled that lived in or around the Denver Metro area. This allows them to remain safe during the winter.

How Does This Connect?

Pinchot's main focus was preserving and keeping the environment safe for everyone and everything that lived in that area. That's what this organization focus was as well. By raking up leaves, not only does it make the sight of the environment that much better but it also decreases the risk of trash and other harmful things from staying and making an area harmful for the plants or animals. It also on the other hand helps the elderly remain safe in the area they live in, so its a moral and an environment victory. All this hard work eventually does what Gifford Pinchot was trying to do all along, preserve the environment.