LV Technolgy

Cooper Nuthals

Typing Web

1.It helps with typing

2.Typing web helps with spelling

3.We are going to use it in everyday life

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I Trailer

1.We can make presentations

It helps us connect with other people by sending it to them and them being in the i trailer

2.Having fun with Friends

3.Making Itrailers are so fun

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Career Locker

1.You can look up colleges.

2.It helps find a good school that you might want to go to.

3.Makes you know how much the college will cost.

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Haiku Deck

1.It help's you connect



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Hour Of Code

1.It will teach you about coding

2.You have fun in the process

3.You play all of these fun games

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Email Etiquette

1.Emailing is super fun to do

2.It is super easy to do

3.And it will help with becoming better at typing emails

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