Elgin ISD Special Education Update

An electronic brief for September 2014

What do you know about PBMAS?

PBMAS is one of the methods TEA uses to monitor the performance and effectiveness of school districts. There are four categories (BE/ESL, CTE, NCLB and Special Education) and several indicators in each category.

The far left side of the report has all of the indicators and the far right column is the indicator performance level. Getting a '0' is good! Having a '3' is not good.

What do we do with this information from PBMAS?

In October we should receive our staging results (we will be staged). With this we have to address how we plan to improve our performance and effectiveness in our district and campus improvement plans. Glancing through the report, what is/are the priority area(s) for BE/ESL? CTE? NCLB? Special Education?

We're taking our numbers to the street--well, actually the campuses!

We've already started the groundwork--one teacher at a time...

There's a pot o' gold at the end of the rainbow

We're spreading the word via monthly job alikes, RTI is getting a district makeover, 504 is becoming less murky and special education is close to becoming paperless. We have received good feedback from teachers, specialists, interventionists, and administrators so far. We plan to continue to tackle this PBMAS report indicator by indicator and move toward a report with more zeroes.

We are the Special Education Department

Ehrikka Hodge, Director

Polly Littlefield, Specialist

Sandra Mogonye, Administrative Assistant--elementary records, RTI, Child Find, 504

Starla Thomas, Administrative Assistant - secondary records, tech equipment, Prof Dev

Dyslexia Parent Education Meeting

Tuesday, Oct. 21st, 6:30pm

Elgin ISD Auditorium, 1002 North Avenue C, Elgin, TX

This is required annually by law. Dyslexia teachers will provide a 10 minute overview of their program at their campus. We will conclude with a brief Q & A.

6 pm - Meet and greet with refreshments in foyer

6:30 pm - Program by Elgin ISD Dyslexia Teachers

7:30 pm - Q&A

7:45 pm - Adjourn