Chester Elementary School

August 30, 2019

Greetings CES Families,

Great to see so many families joining us last Thursday evening for our Back to School Night. A total of 70% of our students were represented by a parent/guardian (last year = 78%). Thanks for joining us! (If you were unable to attend it may be a good idea to reach out to your child's teacher to learn about the school year.)

Start & release times in 2019-2020 - sorry for the confusion:


8:10 - 1st bell, 8:15 tardy bell

12:25 - TK released

1:25 - K released

1:30 - 1st-6th released


8:10 - 1st bell, 8:15 tardy bell

12:25 - TK released

2:30 - K released

2:35 - 1st-6th released

Min day releases: (Oct 7-11, June 9-12)

12:25 TK

12:55 K

1:00 1st-6th students

Know anyone looking for part time swing shift work (3:00-8:00 pm weekdays)? We have a 5 hour custodial position available. If interested, please visit the following website - we appreciate any help in getting the word out. Thanks!

Principal's Homework 2019-2020 - for students and parents/guardians.

20 minutes/night for any 4 days of the week, as a special family reading time. The research on reading practice has numerous benefits for children (ex improved fluency, increased vocabulary, higher level thinking, less screen time, improved social skills, etc. - Google it - you'll be amazed!), and I hope this will be a special time in the evening for your family. I'd love to receive pictures of your family reading and sharing their books at home! Please email me your photos if you would like at (heads up - I may throw them in an upcoming newsletter.) For additional information, check out this Scholastic article on discussing books with your child.

Attendance. We are off to a great start with 98-100% attendance so far. We appreciate our families striving to make sure their child is at school each day. Students who have a tendency to miss more days of school (ex under 95% = more than 9 days/year), have a tendency to fall behind their peers and could struggle academically in weeks, months and years to come. Requesting and completing makeup work is definitely appreciated, but it won’t take the place of being in class learning from our talented and dedicated certificated teachers, along with their peers. CES demonstrated strong academic achievement data in 2018-2019, but unfortunately, attendance was a weaker area with a total of 26% of our students missing more than 10 days last year. We will be providing incentives and promoting class and school-wide attendance goals this year to hopefully reduce our number of students who miss more than 9 days. We appreciate your support and encourage everyone to be in school each day and miss no more than 9 days this school year. (This does not include students who go on a trip for 5+ days and complete an independent study contract.) Thank you.


Each year, families are required to log in to their Aeries portal to review and confirm data and authorization forms. Please complete this process at your earliest convenience. You can access this confirmation process through our returning students portal from our Plumas website ( Click on “enrollment” on the right side of the main screen, then follow the instructions for returning students.

In closing, we look forward to an outstanding 2019-2020. With a strong teaching and support staff, motivated students and engaged parents our students will enjoy an exceptional elementary experience. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email.

Upcoming Dates

Sept 2 - Happy Labor Day - no school

Sept 6 - 4th grade to Last Chance Campground

Sept 9 -1:00 Monday Afternoon Meeting (MAM) - special 1st responder recognition, please help spread the word and invite any 1st responders to join us.

Sept 10-13 - 6th graders to Outdoor FRED, Meadow Valley (by Bucks Lake)

Sept 13 - 4th grade to Lassen National Park

Sept 20 - Picture Day!

Sept 26 - CJHS Booster Tri Tip Dinner (at CES)

Sept 27 - 3rd grade to Mt. Harkness, 5th grade to Devil’s Kitchen, Lassen Park

Thanks for your support!

We enjoy partnering with our parents to provide an exceptional elementary education for all of our students. We appreciate your ongoing support to benefit our students. Please let us know if you have any questions.