A Trip To Orlando, Florida

By Jesus Santana

My dream vacation

My dream vacation is to go to a water park.

I want to go to Orlando, Florida Sea World/Atlantis.

I want to be active when I go on a vacation.

What makes me want to go is the awesome water slides and snacks.

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10 Interesting Facts

  • They have great Food
  • They have the funnest water slides
  • They have good hotels
  • They also have great movie theaters
  • They also have great restaurants
  • They have great family places to visit
  • They also have awsome entertainment
  • They have the best prices (sometimes)
  • They have free wifi
  • They gerenty you have a great time
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Travel Information

It will take 14hrs and 51min to get to orlando by car.

It is 973.4 miles away.

I will take my mom and dad,and maybe my brother.

My dad will drive us there on his truck.

We will stay there for atleast a week.

Hotel Information

I will be staying in a good price rented hotel with my parents.

In a 2 bed room hotel with 1 shower and a TV.

ALL my electronics with 2 chargers and 6 pairs of cloths and a Tooth brush.

Cost Information($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$) Money$$$

I will be around 600 dollars with tax already included.

the stuff wil cost 50 for all of it.

The money for the food and ticket to the park or place will be like 90 dollars.

To get there will be around 60 dollars for the gas and food to go.

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Entertainment and Activities Info

I will visit Sea World, and go to the Movies.

I want to visit parks and places to eat and even stores.

I get to meet new people and spend more time with my mom and dad.

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