Vietnam Assignment

Diamond Arano and Jordan Adams


- In the poem "Facing It" a veteran goes to the Vietnam memorial In Washington to read the names of soldiers killed in the war and as he reads the names memories are brought back to him when he was in the war.

- In the chapter "The Man I killed" Tim tells his perspective on how he feels about killing. His thoughts run deeper than just killing him he starts thinking on how his life may have been and the kind of person he was.

Important Passages

- "I touch the name Andrew Johnson, I see the booby trap's white flash" (line 17). The veteran reminisces on the past on how a soldier he served with named Andrew Johnson was killed.

- "Five minutes, Tim. Five more minutes and we're moving out". (The man I killed. 129) This quote tells how traumatized Tim was from killing a soldier.

Discussion Question

- The authors are trying to convey to readers their experience in the war and the impact it left on their lives. The impact it has left on their lives is traumatic from seeing other killed and killing others as well. They have emotions that have been hidden all their lives but the experience they went through still takes a toll on them. The soldiers they served with were like family and seeing them killed still leaves them with depression and sadness.

Image Analysis

This shows a veteran acknowledging the ones that died for our country. These names on the wall leave memories of the ones who served and where killed. Just like in the chapter and poem they still reminisce on those who have been killed in the Vietnam war.
The memory of the soldiers who died in the Vietnam war

Connection to Media

- This video is in the memory of those who served and were killed in the Vietnam war. Just like in the chapter and poem they dawn on the past and acknowledge the ones who were killed to serve for their country. Whether it was for the United States soldiers or the Vietnam Soldiers they both served a purpose to protect.