Room 604 News

March 21-25


The promotion of kindness continues this week:

Monday ~ Crazy for Kindness ~ Many your hair as crazy as possible to promote kindness.

Tuesday ~ Highlight Kindness ~ Make a statement by dressing up in a neon color to highlight the act of kindness

Wednesday ~ Team-up for Kindness ~ Wear your favorite team jersey to show how teaming up can bring more kindness to the world.

Thursday ~ Peace, Love, and Kindness ~ Dress up like a hippie and together we can show love, peace, and kindness.

Friday ~ Together We Can Achieve Kindness~ Dress in your SEES gear to show how together as a school we can show kindness.

On a personal note, my mother-in-law has been in ICU at Palomar Hospital since Friday afternoon. Her condition has not been diagnosed, and she has not been stable. Although we are very sad about this situation, she also is our primary childcare provider. We are figuring out alternatives for the week, but I may have an unplanned day out because of the circumstances.

I do know I will not be at school on Friday, 3/25. At 4pm, I am leaving for the 8th grade SEMS field trip to the East Coast (VA, DC, PA, NY). I will be a chaperone, and will be learning about how to run this program for the upcoming 8th graders of Double Peak.

Enjoy Spring Break! Students return to school on Monday, April 4.

Language Arts

We will finish The Tale of Desperaux on Monday or Tuesday. The kids will be able to take an AR quiz. I plan to show the movie on Friday. It has a G rating.

Students will be taking district assessments this week in reading and writing. The information is about science curriculum that we have learned about, the water cycle and conservation of resources, so it is nice they have background information about the subject.

Students will take the reading assessment on Monday and Tuesday, and the writing response portions on Wednesday and Thursday.


We have completed one portion of the three part district assessment on decimals. Students will be working on the second and third parts on Monday and Tuesday.

Our next content area is geometry. I will introduce this topic, but we will spend more time when we return from break.


We have one more lesson in this chapter: photosynthesis. The students did a lesson in science lab with this content last Thursday, so that was a nice supplement to the things we will do in class.

Students will have a chapter study guide to work on by Wednesday, and a chapter test on Friday.

Social Studies

Students will be given a hard copy of a state research project coming up in April. Students and parents will need to sign to acknowledge the upcoming ABC project, informative essay, and informative speech.

On Thursday, March 24, students will select their states. They should have three to five in mind since I will be drawing names for priority. California is not an option as they studied it thoroughly last year.

Here is a preview of the sheet you'll get to sign:

State Report

Dear Parents and Students,

We are beginning our state reports that will be an ongoing assignment for the next four weeks. Please take note of the following due dates, as they are crucial to the completion of the state project and report card grades. The state reports will have three components that will be graded separately:

1. Social Studies (ABC Books)

2. Informative Essay (Common Core genre)

3. Informative Speech (Speech Masters guidelines)

Thursday, March 24

State selections will be made. Only one students will present one state.

Assignment and expectations for the project will be explained. Project will be created in the form provided through Google Docs, which will not be revealed until April 4. Students may read about the state and gather general information at any time until then.

Friday, April 8

Progress check for the first 10 pages of the ABC Book (any order is acceptable).

Thursday, April 14

Progress check for 20 pages of the ABC Book (any order is acceptable).

Wednesday, April 20

ABC book due (all 26 pages). Share through Google Docs with your teacher.

Also on Wednesday: Informative Essay expectations will be discussed in class.

Wednesday, April 27

Informative Essay due.

Also on Wednesday: Informative Speech information discussed in class and students begin outline.

Friday, April 29

Speech outline due ~ returned same day.

Students will sign up to deliver speeches beginning Monday (5/2). If a parent is planning on attending, they have priority on date of delivery based on their availability. Speeches will be given each afternoon beginning at approximately 2:30 (Monday 5/2 - Thursday 5/7 ~ Wednesday from 1:30 - end of day).