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Endeavour School March 26th, 2021

A Message From Mr Freke

Greetings to you all,

Last week I was involved in some learning about ‘leading change’. Change is the one constant in life so why do many of us fear it or get anxious when faced with change? The answer our presenter shared was often there is a fear of loss, there can be uncertainty about what the change may bring and, in some instances, there can be a lack of control over the change that is taking place. If we address these concerns by focusing on what is gained through the change and minimizing the loss, by having a clear vision for why the change is happening and what the vision is when it is completed and also involve participants in the change process so there is a degree of control over the process then we should be able to reduce stress around change. In my opinion this thinking can be applied to macro change (systems and procedures) and personal change. It means we are proactive with change, not reactive. The leader of change can initiate the process and achieve the change they want to see. Our presenter was Mark Osborne. If you ever get the chance to hear him speak on change leadership, I recommend you take it.

Congratulations to all those who competed at the Inter School Swimming Sports. It was great to hear some students got places but I was even more impressed to hear how well our students conducted themselves and what great supporters and ‘sports people’ they were.

Don’t forget Tuesday 6th April Endeavour School is closed as part of the Easter Break. This is in line with Ministry of Education guidelines for the 2021 term dates.

Winter Sport registrations are underway. Notifications are coming out regarding school run teams so keep an eye out if you are keen to get involved. Good luck to all those involved in sport this week. It was great to see the Chiefs get a win last weekend, fingers crossed for another this Saturday.

Marcus Freke

Upcoming Events

  • 29 March - LC3/4 Open Afternoon 2pm - 3pm
  • 30 March - Y5-Y6 Camp Easter Raffle Drawn
  • 31 March - LC1/2 Open Afternoon 2pm - 3pm
  • 01 April - LC5/6 Open Afternoon 2pm - 3pm
  • 02 April - Good Friday SCHOOL CLOSED
  • 05 April - Easter Monday SCHOOL CLOSED
  • 06 April - School Holiday SCHOOL CLOSED
  • 13 April - MusiqHub Term One Concert 2pm-3pm
  • 16 April - Tabloid Sports Day!
  • 16 April - Last Day of Term One

Easter Weekend - What Days are Endeavour School Closed?

With Easter coming up it's important that our community are aware of the days that Endeavour School will NOT be open. These are as follows:

  • Friday 02 April - Good Friday SCHOOL CLOSED
  • Monday 05 April - Easter Monday SCHOOL CLOSED
  • Tuesday 06 April - School Holiday SCHOOL CLOSED

Please note that Tuesday 06 April is a nationwide school holiday.

The YMCA will not be operating on any of the above days.

复活节周末--Endeavour School哪些天不开门?

马上就到复活节周末了,我们觉得很重要的一件事是大家知道Endeavour School 在哪些天不开门。






Inter schools Swimming Sports 2021

On Tuesday,16th March, I took 15 children who represented Endeavour School at the inter schools swimming sports at Fairfield College.

Our children did our school proud with participation and sportsmanship. They went out and gave it their all in every event they entered. We are super proud of Brodie Hill-Liddle who made two finals and took home two third placings in freestyle and backstroke!

A huge thank you to all the parents that helped out with transport and timing, your support was very much appreciated.

Ms Stewart

Whats Been Happening in LC3 and LC4 ?

In Learning Community Four and Three we have been exploring the Living World through our Learning Provocations and Literacy Workshops. We are learning how to be kaitiaki (guardians) of the Living World. This week we have been exploring the moana (sea).

Mrs Wrigley

Kaitiaki of the sea

1.Blue whales are the biggest mammal in the world. We made a blue whale with our hub by measuring out 30 metres. We found out that 21 LC4 children are as long as a blue whale. A baby blue whale is 8 metres long.

2.Never put rubbish in the sea because you can hurt or kill the sea creatures and you will make the birds think it’s food and the bird will have bad stomach aches.

3.To be a kaitiaki of the sea we can help the birds by picking up litter from the beach and sea. We could always put our rubbish in the bin and recycle. Take any unused hooks away with you don’t throw them in the sea.

By Saeed, Max, Miah and Mikayla.

Endeavour School Sports News

Term Two Hockey - Calling for More Players!

We are calling for more players for Term 2 Hockey: for year 1&2 and Year 5&6. Please find details of the season below:

Hockey (Endeavour School Teams) Years 1-6

Teams play 6-aside with 25-minute games and are available for Years 1-6. Games are played on Saturday mornings at the Gallagher Hockey Centre off Queens Ave in Frankton from 8 am.


Year 1/2 (Rainbow FunSticks) - $55 per person

Start date: Saturday 8th May (Term 2, Week 1) - First game is Saturday 15th May.

Last game: Approximately 28 August.

NB The Year 1/2 (Rainbow Grade) will be a coach only session for the first date. All other levels will have their first game.

Year 3/4 (Kiwi Sticks) teams - $ 80 per person

Year 5/6 (Kiwi Sticks) team - $ 80 per person.

Start date: Saturday 8th May (Term 2, Week 1)

Last game: Approximately Saturday 28th August

NB: Each quarter field team is to provide an umpire for his/her own game who may also be the coach.

Kiwi Sticks teams are to provide an umpire for their own game – this must NOT be the coach. This development stage is where coaching and umpiring needs to be clearly separate for players and spectators. The Junior Hockey committee will monitor adherence to this.

Please register your child to join an Endeavour Hockey team via the Endeavour School Shop. The School Shop will be open until Wednesday 31st March, midnight. If you have any queries, please contact Victoria Hatwell:

Hamilton BMX Club

Congratulations to Ashton, Elliott, Bradley and Noah who competed in the Hamilton BMX Club day on Thursday (25/03).

They did so well that they won a trophy for Endeavour School and got a medal each!

Well done boys!

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Friends Of Endeavour PTA News

Meet The Friends Of Endeavour PTA - Kristen Burnett


Hi I’m Kristen Burnett and I’m proud to have been a part of the Friends of Endeavour committee for the past 6 years – two of which I have had the privilege of being the Chairperson.

I have three children, Ryker (LC3) Saoirse (LC2) and shortly Tiernan (LC1) at school. I’m a personal trainer and CrossFit coach in between my “mum life” duties which I share with my partner who works shifts at Fonterra.

Over the past 6 years I have really enjoyed getting involved with fundraising activities and seeing projects come to fruition for the benefit of our school.

Meeting other parents and working alongside them has been fun and some really cool friendships and supportive community bonds have been built.

I’m all about “making it happen”, so if you’re keen to roll up your sleeves, muck in and have a laugh along the way then I know you would enjoy being a part of our crew. We meet monthly in the school staffroom and always welcome new faces. Please reach out if you would be keen to know more.

Meet The Friends Of Endeavour PTA - Mackenzie Denham

Communication and Marketing

Hey team, I’m Mackenzie and I’m often seen running about the place putting up posters and helping where I can. Children in the school often refer to me as the “after school café lady”!!!!!

My role in Friends of Endeavour is to communicate information and round up extra hands. I would love to have you join our list of helpers.

What I love about our PTA is the opportunity to contribute to our community, meet more families and grow our incredible school. I became a part of the Endeavour community in 2015 and have been on the committee ever since.

I have two children. One in year 6 and one in year 2 so I “know the ropes”! If you ever want information on up-and-coming events, how the school works, or want to enquire as to how you can help out please do not hesitate to introduce yourself as I’m always down for a good chat!

Community Notices

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