ICT News

Greater Kengal Network of Small Schools

Issue 8 2nd September 2013

The Greater Kengal ICT News will be published each fortnight. Please send contributions to gayle.pinn@det.nsw.edu.au by Sept 14. The flyer will also be uploaded to the Greater Kengal wiki.

Contributions can include recommendations for apps, webtools, websites, Notebook ideas and tricks, student work samples etc.

Tools and sites shared at the Greater Kengal Videconference


Contributed by Jess Guthrie

Two versions of The Nutcracker

Students were asked to rewrite a chapter of The Nutcraker, one in the style of the 1800s and one as a modern version.



This text generator can be used for students to show an understanding of the relationships between characters in a book.


This tool can be used for students to show their understanding of the character's characteristics and their relationships with other characters. It can also be used for real people as a biography.

Some great examples


Newspaper Generator


This online presentation tool can be used as a teaching tool or a tool for students to present their learning.



Susan Burke's lesson ideas

Free interactive lessons available.

Standard membesip $40 per year (access to over 50 lessons)

Premium membership $60 per year (access to all standard lessons, plus you can request 3 custom made lessons)

Susan Burke's facebook page


Contributes by Sally McRorie

Into the Book

Strategies for teachers to teach the comprehension strategies.

Activites for students.


Contributed by Andrew Barnes