By: Cale Schmitz


Pay it forward

By: Cale Schmitz

PAY IT FORWARD is that you make a difference in the world like helping someone, or sharing with someone that kind of stuff you can make a good difference if you help and share .

There are a lot of things that I have done for people. I have shared with a lot of people. I shared with my brother an act of kindness That I have done is I help my mom with something. I think you should do something for someone they will do it to.

some of the act of kindness that we have done for people is helping and sharing and caring for people. I hope you do a lot of act of kindness in the world it would be nice.

There are lot of bullies in the world so tell the bully to be nice and do a lot of act of kindness for the world if you do it they will do it too so be a friend.

I think you should do a lot of things for people. I have done my job now you do yours! I think we should pass it on, I think we should be good about being nice in our world. It is a better place if we are nice so I hope we are nice.
Kindness (Pay it Forward)