Space Suits

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What is Space Suits

Space suits are an engineering marvel,as it allow people to work in space!Without it we would probably never been to space.The first space suits were for the Mercury Program in the 1960s. They were Us Navy flight suits, and they were only for for inside a space station.And then the Gemini Space Program began.They needed a new suit that could be able to use for spacewalks and surviving the harsh environment.And they did.It was a success!And we continued to make others and that's how we have our space suits today!
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New and Future Space Suits

The New space suit for astronauts today are the EMUs(Extravehicular Mobility Units).They are a mix of hard and soft fabrics than the old ones that just used soft.The are way more flexible that the old ones.They are made of Nylon Tricot,Spandex, Urethane-Coated Nylon, Kevlar, Gortex, Dacron, Mylar,Nomex, and Nylon.It has about 13 layer of material.There are also layers that go along with it like the inner suit with cooling tubes to keep the astronaut nice and cool, along with the outer layer which protects from the environment.The future of space suits are depending on the new J-2 space suit.This is supposed to be prototype but in the future they plan to make the final product.Let see if if this new piece of ingenuity will let us learn more about the universe we live in and how far we can go.
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Fun Facts

.The EMU space suit cost 12 million dollars each!

.Space suit oxygen system is not just air it actually 78% Nitrogen, 21 oxygen, and 1% other, because if it was it would feel like walking on mount Everest without a mask.

.The old space suits were customized for one person meaning if a person was big they needed a suit just for them and so on..

What Happens to Your Body in Space Without a Spacesuit


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