Henry and The Town

A Story About a Theif By: Raegan Tausz

Once upon a time, there was a bear named Henry. Henry was a tax collector. No one in town liked the tax collector. But everyone especially didn't like Henry. Henry was a mean tax collector. He seemed so greedy for the money. The turtle, Emmit, lived at the heart of town. Emmit was the mayor. So Henry worked for Emmit. Emmit was the best mayor that that town had ever had and he cared about the people in town a lot. So, he chose his tax collector very carefully. When Henry was hired, he was super nice and that's why he got the job.

There was a reason though that the townspeople didn't like Henry. It was becuase they thought that Henry was taking extra money from them. They knew that the tax wasn't that high before and the amount got higher everytime. Plus, there was no tax

collector that they'd ever known that had a mansion in the nicest neighborhood in town. The townspeople wanted to tell the mayor about their suspicions but they knew that they needed proof.

So, the next time that Henry came, they asked him how much money the tax was this time. The townsperson wrote down the number and asked Henry to sign it. He did and after Henry left, the townsperson went to the mayor and asked what the tax was this time. The mayor said that it was $4 but the townspeople had paid $50 each. The townsperson showed the mayor the paper.

The mayor was horrified. He called Henry down to his office immediately.

When Henry got there, the mayor asked him how much money people were giving him. He said $4. The mayor showed him the paper and Henry realized that he was in trouble. The mayor made Henry give all the money back that he had ever taken from the townspeople. Which didn't leave Henry with much so he had to get rid of his mansion and live in a townhouse. Henry learned that you should never be greedy and lie.

Theme: Don't be greedy and don't lie.

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Henry is ashamed of himself for stealing money from the townspeople

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