Nike One of The Most Popular Brands

How they became so big

Nike, started from the bottom now we're here

Nike was started by Bill Bowerman and Phil knight on January twenty fifth 1964. the company started with the brand name blue ribbon sports. Blue ribbon sports then adopted the name Nike on May 30th 1971. they got the name Nike from the Greek goddess which means victory. Nike started because of bill Bowermans "trek" to find lighter running shoes. bill was running at Oregon while he was trying to find lighter shoes. Nike has owned many previous companies such as Jordan Nike pro and previously owned Umbro. owning large companies like these is probaly why they became so big
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nike soccer

Nike came out with its first football boot in 1971. The football boot wore out in a couple of matches and were not very durable at all. After the not so well debut Nike started to focus more on tennis and basketball footwear. Over time Nike started testing with athletes and learning how to raise the quality of the products and wanted to see what the players wanted. Nike signed their first deal with the Portland timbers club team in 1978. The deal they signed was an equipment deal. This was a major turning point because over a span of 2 years Nike signed deals with more than 10 club teams and 40 players.

How was Nike motivated?

Still known as blue ribbon sports bill Bowerman was on a journey to find lighter and more durable racing shoes for the Oregon track team. Bill was a track runner at the university of Oregon at the time. Phil knight was trying to make a living doing something that involved athletics because he had a love for all types of sports. Bowerman was the track coach of the Oregon track team when Phil knight ran there in 1959. Bowermans quest influenced Knight while he was still searching for different marketing strategies. Today nike is motivated by creating casual shoes for everyday people as well as making sport shoes such as track shoes, soccer cleats, football cleats, etc.
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