pancho villa

mexican war hero

Pancho villas birth family

anchos family is very poor because they are bandits but they have the family dimond coin he has 1 sister and 5 brothers his moms name is peasant pancho villas sister is a nurse and all his brothers died in war but pancho was the did not he also was the youngest in the family he sadly died in war 1993 and he got stabbed.

Pancho villas child hood

Pancho villa had a bad child hood was hornbill because his dad ether made him walk or ride to america and rob banks or shoot americans he hated it and he thought he was the one that caused the americans to fight mexicans but he wasent so he fought back and he won the fight.

College and career

He trained to be a very good right hand man to the dicktator but the man named joe swinson took panchos place and almost killed the dicktator and pancho but joe died first


Pancho villa lead the mexican division to war with the north he was the governor of chihuahua and is remembered as a leader

why think he is a leader

I think he is a leader because he is remembered as a a leader and has his own farmers market