Using Credit Wisely


What you should do if your using credit

  1. Make sure you don't spend it on little things
  2. Pay it off always!
  3. If you don't pay it off you can lead into debt, so make sure you try and not get over to excited and have to much credit cards or loans.
  4. Make sure your credit is "Good or Great", if you don't you will never have anybody give you loans for what you need.
  5. Make sure you are independent. You don't want your mother and father to pa for your loan for you, that is just wrong, it could lead them into debt, and that's not a good sign if you are asking for trouble with your parents.
  6. Always ask question about credit if you don't understand it.
  • Call you credit company
  • Make sure everything is fine if you got any problems with your credit.
7. Understanding your credit is important

8. Make sure everything is under controlled, don't give out any credit card information to anybody

9. Even when it is so tempting to buy something that is so amazing, but cost so much try to ignore it and walk right past.

10. Only do the big major things.

11. Buy stuff you expected to buy, not that stuff that you really need. DON'T buy fast food.