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October 12, 2018

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Dear Families,

These last two days were long ones for our staff, but it was well worth it! We cherish the opportunity to meet the parents of our incredible students and partner with families to be able to provide the best possible education for our kids. Thank you to those of you who came to Parent Teacher Conferences! Also a big thank you to the PTA for arranging catered dinner for our teachers on both nights.

We appreciate your patience during the conferences as there were many parents trying to meet with teachers in a finite amount of time. If you didn't have enough time to meet with all the teachers you were hoping to, please keep in mind you can request a meeting with a teacher the last Thursday of every month after school. Contact your student's counselor if you would like to set that up.

Have a terrific fall break.

David / Mr. Luongo

Increased Police Presence

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The JeffCo Safe Schools Task Force is making an effort to have an SRO stationed in every middle school by the 2019-2020 school year. Recently, we have been fortunate to have acquired Deputy Candise Lewis as an addition to our team. She has been great to have around as an extra positive role model for our students.

City Strings Guitar - Winter Session

Wednesdays 2:30 - 3:30 pm, beginning on Halloween!

Dates: Oct. 31, Nov. 7, 14, (no class Nov 21), 28, Dec. 5, 12, 19, Jan. 9, 16, 23 Celebration & Performance

Guitar and Songwriting: Music is a birthright! Our mission is to share that we are all creative beings with the capacity to make music. In this class, students will learn how to play basic chords on the guitar, listen to each other as an ensemble, and write original songs. It is open to students who have good strength and dexterity in their fingers and who are willing to play during the week outside of class, as we believe that practice makes progress. Students must bring their own acoustic guitar.

Investment: $250


Jen Pastalo Dacpano



A Message from the School Health Room

As we have entered the cold and flu season we want to remind everyone of our district guidelines regarding when to return to school after having had an illness. If students have had gastrointestinal illness such as vomiting and/or diarrhea they should not return to school until it has been 48 hours since their last episode of vomiting or diarrhea. Students should also be free of a fever ≥ 101 F (without having taken fever reducing medication such as Tylenol or ibuprofen) for 24 hours. Thank you for helping us keep Manning healthy and preventing the spread of infection this winter!

Outdoor Recess Policy

At Manning, we try to get our kids outside everyday, because it's good for them to get some exercise and get their energy out. The only times we keep our kids inside during recess are:

  1. If it is below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, or
  2. If it is actively precipitating.

As the weather gets colder, please keep this in mind and send your students to school with the proper outdoor attire. Thank you!

Outdoor Lab Parent Information

FOR 6TH GRADE FAMILIES: We are having an Outdoor Lab Parent Information Night on Monday, October 22, 2018 from 6:00-7:30 in the auditorium. Please plan on joining us as we will be going over important logistical items to get us ready for Outdoor Lab in January! Please make sure you know whom your student's Access teacher is. That's critical information to have for this information night, since the site they go to (Mount Evans or Windy Peak) will depend on which Access teacher they have. Sorry, there will be no changing sites for any students.

On Monday, students will receive a letter about the Outdoor Lab medication form during Access. Please look over it carefully to ensure we have appropriate information for your child on file at Outdoor Lab. The letter can be found electronically by clicking the button below.

An Improvement to Achievement Time

National Honor Society members and Manning Alumni from Golden High School will be joining us on Wednesday afternoons to provide tutoring to Manning Students during Achievement Time! Thank you!


JESPA is sponsoring two screenings in Jeffco next week; Monday, October 15 7:00-9:00 p.m. at Columbine High School and Wednesday, October 17 :00-9:00 p.m. at Wheat Ridge High School. The topic is around teenage stress/anxiety. The movie will be shown starting at 7:00 p.m. and a panel discussion with mental health providers will immediately follow. The community (parents, students, staff, etc.) are invited to attend. There is a charge for tickets that can be purchased by following the links below.

New York City 8th Grade Trip

8th Grade Parents, if you missed the meeting this week, or if you have additional questions about the field trip to the Big Apple, please reach out to Ms. Pouliot, who is eager to share information with you. Send her an e-mail at

Pre-Arranged Absence Form

If you know that your student will be absent from school for two or more consecutive days, our school policy does require your student to complete a pre-arranged authorization form that can be found on our website under the Student Resources tab or the student can pick one up in the main office. Your student is required to take this form around to all of their teachers and counselor to obtain a signature with the final drop off at the main office for our Principal to sign and approve.

Interested in Wrestling? Click the Button Below for Information

6th Grade Students Prepare to Teach Lessons about Matter to Elementary Students

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Random Gifts for Teachers... How Thoughtful!

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7th Grade Socratic Seminar in Social Studies Class to Discuss the Drawbacks and Benefits of Modern Agriculture

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StuCo ROCKED the Assemblies This Week!

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Robotics Club

Robotics club has started! We will meet every Thursday from 3:30-4:30 pm continuing into November. We are looking for parent volunteers to support. Please reach out to Mrs. Putnam or Mrs. Burg if you would like to support. Robotics Club will take place in Mrs. Burg's room B2.

Please Plan on Coming to our Fall Fest!

There are a limited number of spaces for entries in the chili cook-off on Friday, October 26th (but lots of other donations are also needed). Sign up here, and remember to give your chili a creative name. Votes will be collected and awards given in the following categories: Best Staff chili, Best Class chili, and Best Red, Green and White (Other) chili. We hope you’ll contribute your best chili and join us for a fun evening!

This year’s Silent Auction, held during the Chili cook-off is going to be great! There will be many items to bid on, including baskets made by the Manning Access classes, and a cash-only Wine Pull.

Student Tickets to the Dance $10 - Buy in Advance Please

Student tickets to the Fall Fest Dance on Friday, October 26th from 6:30 to 9:00 pm are now available for $10. Parents can log into Jeffco Connect and pay this fee. The more who pay up front instead of at the doors, the easier it will be to place our Qdoba order. $10 includes a ticket to the dance and Qdoba dinner, however some of the extra activities and food/desserts/drinks may be an additional cost, so it might be a good idea to send your child with some cash. Thanks in advance!

Manning Concert Tickets

Our Fall Concerts are coming up!

  • Tuesday, October 16th @ 7:00 pm - Advanced Ensembles
  • Wednesday, October 17th @ 7:00 pm - Beginning Ensembles

Here is the link to our Manning calendar at Seat Yourself where we sell tickets for our concerts. Tickets are $3.00 each plus a 50 cent service charge per ticket.

School Spirit Schwag

Is your student wanting to purchase clothing to show their school spirt or are you looking for Christmas gifts? Please check our Manning Web site under the student resources tab to purchase your items our deadline is October 14. These items will arrive the week before our Thanksgiving break.

"Magic the Gathering" - New After School Activity

"Magic the Gathering," a card game of strategy, will be offered in the Library after school on Thursdays from 3:30 to 4:15. The first meeting is Thursday, October 4th. You don't need to know how to play, because you will learn at the club. However, you will need to bring your own deck of Magic cards.

A Message from the PTA

The Chili Cookoff and Silent Auction is coming! We want to invite you to be a part of it- please see the signups below for both the cookoff and auction on Friday, October 26. Tickets can be bought

There are a limited number of spaces left for entries in the chili cookoff (but lots of other donations are also needed). Sign up here, and remember to give your chili a creative name. - Votes will be collected and awards given in the following categories: Best Staff chili, Best Class chili, and Best Red, Green and White/ Other chili.

The Silent Auction committee has been working hard and has put together many amazing items for this year’s auction. We are looking for several helpers to make the evening run smoothly. Please sign up if you can help with the auction We appreciate your help!

Please join us for our October general meeting on Wednesday, October 17 at 8:30 am in the conference room. Even if you haven’t been to a meeting before, we would love to have you join us.

At Manning, we strive to live our core values every day.

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  • Maria Cornelius is a solid worker (effort). Maria always has a goal and works to achieve it (achievement). She is respectful to all around her, always (respect). Maria always helps and encourages others at her table-group (teamwork). Furthermore, Maria caught a grading mistake and honestly addressed it (honesty).
  • Dustin Hendrix was honest that the HEART nomination he got was false when he could have lied but he did the right thing.
  • Nick Kruse - Picking up trash and giving people their pens back. He also picked up pens from the sidewalk and put them in the trash.
  • Friday morning I lost a $20 bill and later that day, Jason Hakim turned it into the office for me. I thought that this was very honest of him to do, and what he did made my day.
  • Jade Morrison told her teacher that she broke her project on the day it was do
  • I dropped a pencil and my friend Mario Ficco picked it up
  • Well he was outside and Beckett Vallin picked up a piece of glass and gave it to the aid.
  • When I was in the halls I dropped my tape(a cool kind of tape with designs) instead of taking it for her own, Gianna Bergren saw I dropped it and gave it to me. I didn't even know I dropped it. She could have taken it for her own with me not noticing but instead she handed it to me.
  • William Perrone made a mistake and quickly apologized to the person, going out of his way to do so.
  • Ethan Zayhowski picked up a piece of art that was crucial to another student getting a good grade on her project. Instead of stepping on it, he decided to give it back to the student, who had already walked away.


  • Ms. Burg is nice and gives effort to make teaching fun
  • Emily Ziporin was absent one day and asked what she could do to make up that work.
  • Hayven Beck missed a week of school and has gone in every day to her teachers to see what she was missing to finish previous work
  • Adelyn Westfall is always very nice and tries her best. She also respects her table mates and helps others.
  • Ally Ricketson made a very nice slide show for all of her friends that really made all of her friends very happy
  • McKenna Merz helped me with my homework and she is funny and Aevry Greene always make things faire for her friends so they wont feel left out and she is funny.
  • Sofia Aguilar helped every one at her table because they didn't understand what to do.
  • Jasmine Collins is always a great leader and gets her work done. She is an amazing friend, and is always there for me when I need her. Thanks Jazz love ya´ :)


  • Addison Helms strives to exceed expectations and sets high academic goals. This week Addison asked to teach the class about Non-Newtonian fluids. Thank you Addison for having the courage to stand in front of the class and for motivating your peers for higher level thinking.
  • Stella Meyer makes sure to always be kind and understanding to everyone around her. She lightens up people's days with a smile and always has funny stories to share.
  • Logan Dorsey is a great friend to everyone and always shows great effort to resolve problems.


  • Skylar Mercer always works hard and is very nice and she is always respectful and kind.
  • Adelyn Westfall respected the lunch room by picking up her crunched up gold fish that she had accidentally dropped. :)
  • Adriana Rose Helms is always so kind and she is always honest
  • Mr. Jonson is a great teacher and I always look forward to his class.
  • Maddie Stubenrouch is always helpful to the people who need it.
  • Khiana Nelson always is respectful to herself and others and is always really kind and thankful.
  • Will Ruhl helps me out when I need help in science class
  • Cael Charlson helped his friend through a hard time and made him feel better.
  • Finn Hart is nice to all his freinds and teachers.
  • Finn Hart always keeps me company.
  • Ms Mendez is an amazing teacher!! She cares about her students and she is always kind to everyone. She is also an amazing role model, and shes helped me learn a lot.
  • Mariah Barton took charge and told the 7th graders in her class that they needed to behave so that the other kids could get work done by this she showed respect for all of the kids in her class.
  • Owen Burg helped many class mates in multiple subjects in school. He was kind and helped them find the answer. This student is in many of my classes and is very respectful. Thanks Owen!
  • Tamryn Klatt and Elsa Audibert invited alot of people to sit by them at their table.
  • I dropped my pencil with out knowing then Beate Taylor picked it up and gave it to me.
  • Ms.Agard helped me understand math more
  • Jackson Hughes says please and thank you to his teachers
  • Jordan Aulik is just a great friend. She is very respectful and is very nice. She is someone that anyone can talk to talk just tell her all of your problems to. She is a great listener, a great friend, and an overall respectful person!
  • When the eighth grade science classes had a substitute and her peers were disrespecting her Jasmine Collins got her class under control and made sure everyone finished their work!
  • Kalani Bauszus is always putting a smile on my face and laughing and putting a smile on my face.
  • When I spilt my dipping dots Ally Ricketson helped me clean them up when she could of been eating her lunch.
  • Noah Witte is very respectful, honest, and a hard worker. He takes his work seriously and will do anything to help anyone out.


  • Rachel Hillard shows that she is a part of our class- team by helping others. She has respect for herself and others and demonstrates honesty by observing the work of others and noticing the integrity thereof. This has brought up relevant and timely issues for our group and helps us to be better learners.
  • Glenn Olson always comes to the rescue for the science department! He is quick to help us find random materials for our labs and does so with a big smile on his face :) Thanks Glenn!
  • Megan Davis is always your friend, even if you are not exactly being her friend at the moment.
  • Kindred Alvarado, Clara Bailey, Lillian Young, Tessa Steinke, Megan Davis, & Mariah Barton - Thank you for working together as a team to accomplish goals. We appreciate you spending time after school asking teachers if they need help and when working with groups to set up labs you are inclusive of your peers. Keep it up!
  • Payton Linseman became friends with me and introduced me to her great friends now I have 4 more friends than I had before the first day of school. Thank you Payton!
  • Maizy Hoffman always does what she can to make everybody feel fair. She makes sure her peers are feeling great !
  • When I forgot my Chromebook Mr. Johnson suggested some ideas for me to make me feel better.
  • At the end of day, Mariah Barton watched my instrument and stuff while I went in to get something I forgot.
  • Lucia Sloan gave me her right shoe when I forgot mine.
  • Ms. Zamora is strict enough to keep us in line, but always, always helps us fix our mistakes.
  • Soli Ficco is always helping others even when she does not have to. She is also really positive and makes others feel good about themselves.
  • Abby Crespin is always friendly, optimistic, and the first to help others out (staff and students). Keep it up Abby!

The Manning School of Academics and Arts

The vision of The Manning School of Academics and Arts is to challenge all students to work to their highest potential and encourage student responsibility as they develop intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally and creatively.