Mrs. Irving's Resource Class

Friendly Weekly Reminders!

Physical Science

What grades do have we have so far?

  • 2 weekly journal entries
  • 1 parent signature for lab safety
  • 1 parent signature for classroom management
  • Lab safety quiz

Wednesday September 23, 2015

  • Scientific Method in Action: Read each paragraph and and answer questions 1-10

Algebra I

What grades do we have so far?

  • Weekly math homework
  • Function quiz

Wednesday September 23, 2015

  • Tons of Tiles: page 345 #'s 13 A & B and 14

Reminder*** You can always revise homework or assessments*** Please conference with either myself or Mr. DaSilva

English (Western Civilization)


  • We should be reading our independent reading books each night. Please use the reading log for each entry. This is found on your Google Classroom.


What grades do we have so far?

  • What is History & Greek vocabulary quiz


  • Map of Greece: From the map answer the following question: What impact do you believe the physical geography (land, hills, mountains, etc.) of Ancient Greece had on the development of its economics, politics, and culture?