Earth quakes

By Tyler Stenzel

the numbers are called energy .

(8.1,9.2,9.5).These numbers are the amount of energy released when 2 tectonic plates bump into another . The energy is called magnitude .

What are the dangers ? How to stay safe ?

Dangers:Mud and dirt can fall on you . Can cause big tidal waves/ a tsunami . Can generate lots of power .How to stay safe: build structures on firm land . Have a supply kit .And have a plan .

3 Big quakes

Cool facts about earthquakes

Because of moving plates ,geologist think LA. will meet Alaska in 70,000,000 years ( it will be neighbors with san fransisco in 15,000,000years ).can cause land slides, a tuismie , and flooding. Southern California has 10,000 a year. 1 of China's qake's killed 830,000 people .

The earlist and latest

The earliest quake was in cal. It was in 1769.some of the latest quakes were in ,Canada on 3/8/15, Oregon 3/8/15, California on 3/9/15, Oklahoma 2 times on 3/8/15 and 1 time on 3/9/15,Kentucy on 3/8/15, Puerto Rico on3/8/15 and 3/9/15, Panama 3/9/15.