By: Claudia Flores

Athens, Greece

I will be living in Athens Greece I chose the city first because I like the features of Athens and it has a lot of beaches.

Cultural Issues

During a business the Greeks usually give a firm hand shake and has direct eye contact with the other person. When having a meeting they find it correct to have it face to face not through phone or email. When having a meeting it is best to let them know 1 or 2 weeks in advanced and the day before the meeting call them to let them know. What you should wear to a meeting is dark colors and if you are a men a conservative business suit, if you are a women business suit or a dress. When you are at someones house it is correct to arrive 30 minutes late. ( That is punctual for them) Don't ever sit down until the hosts tells you that you can have a seat and they could tell you where to sit at. Also never begin eating until everyone has received their food and the oldest person is the one that gets served first. Complement their house and bring a small gift like flowers or dessert, they will always unwrap what you have brought them right away.

Job Opportunities

Massage Therapist, waitress, saleswomen, java engineer, office coordinator, rent a car administrator, and customer service representatives are all different types of job opportunities that are available in Greece.

Cost of Living

Athens currency is valued in euros. Athens consumer price, and restaurant prices are higher then in Houston. Rent and groceries is cheaper in Athens. The groceries are cheaper because they have small market places where you can buy the produce for a cheaper price and you know that it is fresh. Kind of like a farmers market.

Where Will I Be Working?

I will be working in a pastry place located in Piraeus. The name of this shop is called Max Perry, they are known for their chocolates and the unique styles that they do with the chocolate. This used to be a small store and know it has franchises all over Athens.

Where I will be living

I will be living in an apartment that is fairly close to my job you just have to cross the street and it is located in a building that is white and it looks pretty modern.

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The car prices in Athens is cheaper then in United States, but since the gas is more expensive then it balances out between the price of gas and car in United States.

The Weather...

In Athens weather is really nice because you can take time to relax outside in a summer day because it isn't as extreme as Houston's. Or in the winter/fall the temperatures are around 60°- 70°


  • Passport for Customer and spouse (previous passport if current one is less than two years old)
  • Inventory, detailed and consularized by Greek Consulate in country of origin, to be TRANSLATED at destination (must include make, model and serial number of ALL APPLIANCES, the quality, and quantity, square feet, and color of any woven floor covering in the shipment and auto, if any)
  • Law 1599 Form (Ipefthini di losi) stating that you will keep the goods in your possession for at least one year
  • Letter from owner of goods authorizing Destination Agent to clear shipment
  • Repatriating Greeks, persons with Greek ancestry, persons married to or children of Greek citizens, Greek Military and foreign EEC members
  • Customer must have been abroad for at least two years
  • Certificate of Repatriation (allows a Customer to bring goods into Greece duty-free) Inventory list
  • Foreigners coming to work
  • Certificate of Secondary Residence
  • Housing Contract
  • Bank Guarantee

Vaccanations Reccomended

  • Hepatitis A
  • Measles, rumps
  • Diphtheria
  • Influenza