The Nicotine Can Not Win!!!!!!!!!!

By: Marissa Sosebee

Physical conseqences

  • you can get wrinkly skin when you are young
  • your teeth will rout
  • you can get mouth cancer
  • It will start to be hard to breath

social conseqences

  • your breath will smell bad
  • people won´t want to be around you when you smoke
  • you might be lonley
  • you will have no friends that want to be around you

What Can Happen to your kids!!!!!

Second Hand Smoke

Second hand smoke is when someone else breaths in the smoke from someone near them that is smoking.If you smoke while you are with child your baby could have a birth defect.If they breath it in as kids they can get lung cancer when they get older.

Mental/Emotional health

You could become deprested because your friends will not be around you and you might think about suiside and you would be very lonley.