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Family Newsletter: January 15, 2019

Our Vision of Learning at SCC High School

In full support of our district mission and vision we at SCC High School are committed to...

Creating a learning experience built on creativity, choice, efficiency, and engagement resulting in high-achieving and creative problem-solvers who take intellectual risks to discover the world around them and maximize their potential.

From Mr. Soderberg

Hello SCC Families,

I am pleased to inform you about our plan to assist all of our juniors as they prepare for the ACT assessment. The ACT is a state-mandated assessment that is used by nearly 100% of colleges and universities throughout the midwest use the ACT results to partially determine acceptance, scholarship levels, and academic programming. The ACT is also used to help determine the success of our academic program at SCC.

This year we invested in a Pre-ACT for all juniors to practice for the official test. The practice test was taken on November 28, 2018, and has provided us with some great information about students' individual academic strengths and areas for growth. We have been able to design a four week ACT preparation plan that every junior will receive. Beginning January 22nd and concluding February 15th, every student will receive interventions in math and science based on their individual score in those areas during 9th-hour WIN time. Also, every junior will continue to get ACT prep embedded in their ELA class with Mrs. Jourdeans.

Why does the ACT matter?

  • The skills assessed on the ACT are directly tied to the state standards we teach. Therefore, we can use the information to improve our instruction.
  • Regardless of the student's post-high school plans, maximizing their knowledge, skills, and experiences will allow for a wider range of career options moving forward.

Our goal is to have every student improve their score from the Pre-ACT and we believe these targeted interventions will serve that purpose well.

In a similar manner, we have used the Aspire-Interim assessment to gather information about the strengths and growth areas for our freshmen and sophomores. We will utilize the information gathered from our Aspire-Interim assessment to provide interventions. The statewide Aspire assessment is scheduled for April 23rd.

Thank you for your continued support. Go Panthers,


From the Counseling Office

State Testing Information

ACT Information

  • Wednesday, February 20th - Statewide ACT (juniors)
  • Wednesday, March 13th - Statewide WorkKeys (juniors)

If you have any questions please contact Tracy Klein ( at your convenience.

Testing Dates for Freshmen and Sophomores

Aspire - April 23, 2019 (Freshmen and Sophomores)

Forward - April 24, 2019 (Sophomores)


Local Scholarships will become available for the Class of 2019 on Tuesday, February 5th. Mr. Fern will meet with all Seniors on a date yet to be determined. Scholarship materials are due to the counseling office no later than Friday, March 8th. To see a list of last year’s scholarships, please click this link.

College Applications- Class of 2019

If students need to send a transcript, please click on the SCC Transcript link listed below. The link will redirect you to our transcript page which will give you step by step instructions on how to request a transcript. Most transcripts are required to be processed online.

SCC Transcript Link

Apply On-Line to Colleges

Mental Health Awareness - Car Decals for Sale

At SCC we try to keep mental health at the forefront of the minds of our students, staff, and families. We do this in a variety of ways including messaging, guest speakers, and programming.

Thanks to Tonya and Chad Gullixson (Gullixson Racing) we have mental health/suicide awareness decals for sale. The funds raised from the decals will go toward our efforts to support students and raise awareness. The decals will be available (while supplies last) at most home events.

Each year Gullixson Racing donates a percentage of their race winnings to support our efforts. A special thank you to Tonya and Chad Gullixson for their continued generosity.

From the Athletics and Activities Office

Link to Athletics/Activities Newsletter

Parents: If you purchased an activity pass for home sporting events this year, please remember to bring your pass with you and show it to the individuals working at the admission table. As much as we would like to know everyone and remember who purchased a pass, our district is getting larger and it is difficult for the people working admissions to keep track. Thanks for your cooperation!

From the Main Office

2018-2019 YEARBOOKS - Memories fade but yearbooks don't!

Order your yearbook now before the price goes up.

  • Order online at Search for "St. Croix Central High School" and pay using a credit card, debit card or PayPal.
  • Request the form for cash or check purchases at, or see Mrs. Hueg in the library.
  • If you plan to have your name stamped on the cover of your yearbook, you MUST place your order by Jan. 25th.

$55 - Until February 1

$60 - After February 1

Memories fade but yearbooks don't!


Forensics Invitationals and Tournaments

Feb. 2 -- at Baldwin-Woodville

Feb. 23 -- at New Richmond

Feb. 28 -- Sub-Districts, at SCC

March 18 -- Districts, at Viking MS

April 12-13 -- State, at UW-Madison

Participants should be signing up for practice on Mrs. Jourdeans' door. Contact Coach Heather Jourdeans for more information at

SNOWBALL DANCE - Semi-formal

Saturday, Jan. 19th, 8-11pm

St. Croix Central High School Commons

Entry Fee: $5

Note: Once students leave the building they will not be allowed to return.

2019 SCC PROM - A Night Under the Stars

Saturday, May 4th, 8-11pm

1751 Broadway Street

Hammond, WI

Grand March: 7:00 pm - High School Auditorium

Dance: 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm - High School Commons

Link: SCC Prom

Talking Standards-Based Assessment and Reporting

On Wednesday, November 28th the high school hosted a presentation and discussion with parents of high school students about standards-based assessment and reporting. We focused specifically on the method we use for converting from achievement level to letter grade and grade-point-average. Every teacher who is currently utilizing SBA&R was present and engaged in a question and answer session with parents. Our goals for the evening were to inform the parents and improve our practices based on our discussion with them. Both goals were met.

We look forward to hosting another presentation and discussion about SBA&R in the coming months.

Here are the links to the grade conversion video we watched and the presentation:

SBA&R: Converting to Grades Video: Video Link

SBA&R Parent Meeting from 11.28.18: Presentation Link

SBA&R at SCC High School:

We have a system that maintains the functionality and importance of grade-point-averages, letter grades, transcripts, and IEP's while providing accurate and timely information about what our students know as determined by their performance on the essential standards.

In a standards-based system, we provide multiple opportunities (3-5 or more) for students to grow in their achievement level on each standard which is why you will see multiple ratings for the same standard. Therefore, their achievement levels will grow as they learn the content within the specific standard. As a practice, we measure their achievement level by looking at the "most recent" rating for each standard. If the most recent rating doesn't reflect their previous performance (i.e. the rating drops), we will work with the student to find the most accurate measure. Our goal is accuracy and fairness in all grading practices and for students to display academic growth and retention of knowledge.

What Courses are Currently Standards-Based


  • Algebra 1: Mr. Turpin, Ms. McGee
  • Algebra 1 - bold: Ms. Lent, Ms. McGee
  • Algebra 2: Mr. Kimberly
  • Calculus: Mr. Turpin
  • Geometry: Ms. Tasler, Ms. McGee
  • Geometry - bold: Ms. Tasler
  • Intermediate Algebra: Ms. Tasler, Ms. Lent
  • Trigonometry - Mr. Turpin

English - Language Arts

  • Language 9 (not honors) - Ms. Timmers
  • Language 10 (not honors) - Ms. Stansbury


  • Physical Science (all courses) - Mr. Tackmann, Mr. Klimek

If you have specific questions, please contact your child's teacher or you are always welcome to contact Mr. Soderberg (

SBA&R Videos

SBA&R: The Fundamentals:

SBA&R: Converting to Grades:

SBA&R: The Gradebook:

SBA&R Grading Scale Chart (click link)

Permanent Links

Online Academic Support from Khan Academy

This FREE resource is used by students of all ages to provide on-line help on a wide variety of topics. Simply click the button and search for the topic your child needs help with.

Concussion Information from the WIAA

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