Learn 'n Grow Preschool

December 18, 2020

Message from the Director

At the beginning of the week, preschoolers enjoyed our Holiday Express Read and Roll. Each student received 5 books to enjoy with family over the holiday break! We ended our week with a Teddy Bear Hunt. Students had to find 13 hidden stuffed teddy bears in the woods. They all earned hot cocoa and teddy grahams for their hard work!

We added some new items to our morning wrap around room. Now there is a nursery and pizza delivery truck. We are looking to make a better 'pizza creation station' and baby changing station. Donations of felt scraps, 0-3 baby clothes and extra small baby blankets are being accepted.

Our staff sincerely appreciates all the generous donations throughout the year to make this place a great learning environment for kids! We also were gracious for the goodies and catered lunches this week! Happy Holiday from us to you! See you back in 2021!

Storytime postponed over the holiday break but you are welcome to check out past stories!

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A Walk In the Woods

During our last Sprouting Naturalist class, students learned to identify the following things in the woods: (1) Evergreen tree, (2) Tree Knot, (3) Squirrel Nest, (4) Birdhouse, (5) Wild Red Berries, (6)Frozen Water, (7) Woodpecker holes, (8) Deer Tracks, (9) Pinecone, and (10) Lichen. I encourage you to take a walk over break to find those 10 things your area.
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January 4th Return to School (Storytime 2:45 p.m. on FB)

'' 11th Tots 'n Tunes (Pfefferman, Wishart, and Ekema)

'' 11th Facebook Live Storytime with Mrs. B 2:45 p.m.

'' 12th Tots 'n Tunes (Podewell and Vist)

'' 13th Tots 'n Tunes (Podewell and Vist)

'' 13th Facebook Live Storytime with Mrs. B 2:45 p.m.

'' 14th Tots 'n Tues (Pfefferman, Wishart and Ekema)

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Billing Questions

You should be receiving emails from lstout@otsegops.org (Lacey Stout (aka Walbrook) for billing. Please check your spam if you aren't receiving any information from us. At anytime if you have questions, please don't hesitate to call us at 694-7960. Thanks!

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Heather Badders, Director