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There are times when we put a football under our dress.

Women’s Health: Top 4 Ways to Increase Fertility Naturally!

There are times when we put a football under our dress or fit a cushion on the tummy to see how we would look if we would get pregnant. Every woman loves to enter the phase of pregnancy and then feel the changes in herself. Although they get frustrated and even irritated at times, they know that there’s absolutely nothing better than being pregnant and giving birth to their very own babies.

Most of the women get stressed when they find out about their infertility issues. With a lot of hopes, they meet doctors at the best infertility treatment clinic in London, so that they can get themselves treated and give birth to the little angels in life. There was once a time when infertility treatment was actually not possible, due to which most of the women either adopted kids or opted for surrogate mothers to bear kids for them.

However, thanks to all the works of well-qualified doctors, you are now able to bear the child in your womb and give birth to him. There have been a lot of cases in which women lost their hopes, but the doctors didn’t, thanks to which they have turned into mothers now.

But before you search for IVF clinic that offers reproductive immunology or something similar to get treated for your infertility issues, I would like to tell you a few things. There are certain ways in which you can increase your fertility, naturally! However, if nothing works, you may have to go for the treatment itself to get pregnant.

Following are the top 4 natural ways that can push your infertility:

1) Consume more of protein-rich foods – Eggs, beans, meat and fish can surely work hard together to improve your fertility. If you really wish to give your body one last chance and make yourself fertile, without taking the help of any doctor or visiting any infertility treatment clinic in London, try changing your diet pattern. Avoid junk food and include more of fresh vegetables and foods that are high in protein.

2) Acupuncture – Did you know acupuncture can actually help you with the infertility problems? If you really wish to avoid all the medicines and artificial processes or treatments, opt for acupuncture or at least read about how it works for your infertility problems. There’s no harm in trying natural things, before you push yourself for artificial procedures!

3) Sexual positions
– There’s nothing to be shy about when it comes to talking about sexual positions. You surely need to focus on the positions if you wish to get pregnant. Talk to your girlfriends who are mothers. Ask them about the positions that they tried to get pregnant and implement them in your sexual life as well. See the result, hope it works!

4) Herbs – I just can’t mention the names of the herbs that improve your fertility or pregnancy chances (because there are just so many out there!), but it is true that many herbs work on your body to help you and give you what you wish for!