Prepare for Matchbook!

Here's how!

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The Best Way to Prepare!

Read as many Lone Star books as you can! Challenge yourself to read one that is from a genre that you don't normally choose! The more we read, the better our chances!

How will we play the game?

In the Matchbook Competition, you will be given a quote from on of the twenty 2013 Lone Star books. The quote will not contain proper nouns, and it may or may not be a direct quote from a character. You can prepare by reading as many books as you can. At our February book club meetings, we will practice playing.

You can practice by taking a Lone Star Book and looking through it to find your own good quotes! A good quote will give the players a hint about the setting, the plot, or the characters. It should be somewhat unique to that particular book.

Sample game quotes and answers:

  • "I'm so lost in thought that I almost miss the parachute as it floats right by me."

(Answer: The Hunger Games)(The reason this is a good quote is that the little

parachutes that deliver help are crucial to the plot.)

  • "Hideous in the extreme, the creature looked like the very essence of evil." (Answer: Killer Pizza) (This is a strong quote because readers of this book will recognize the description as referring to the monsters.)

Team Selection at Viking Book Club (6th Grade)

Thursday, March 20th 2014 at 4pm

500 Dulles Ave

Sugar Land, TX

We will select our "team" for Matchbook at our March Book Club meetings.

Team Selection at Viking Teen Book Club (7th and 8th Graders)

Thursday, March 27th 2014 at 4pm

500 Dulles Ave

Sugar Land, TX

We will select our Matchbook "team" members at our March Book Club meetings.

What if you want to compete, but you cannot make it to the Book Club in March?

You are welcome to compete! Come to the library before school at 8:10 on any of the following dates. You will be given the Team Selection activity to complete on your own that morning, and you will be notified if you make the team!

March 18, 20, 25, or 27